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Anyone else want to lower their electric bill?

Palm Beach Moms Blog is proud to be partnering with FPL to pass on some great tips, a new app and fun giveaways, all to help you lower your energy bills! 

Kids in Palm Beach County might have gone back to school this week but the weather still screams summer!  I love summer but I hate that my electric bill goes up as fast as the temperatures on an August day!  Don’t get me wrong, I would take a hot South Florida day over a chilly Northeast January day anytime but what can we do to keep these electric bills as low as possible?

Energy Saving Tips!

Fire up the grill: Using an outdoor grill instead of the oven can help keep your kitchen cool.  Who doesn’t love the smell of grilling in the summer?

Keep your A/C running smoothly: Change or clean your filter regularly, usually about once a month. Also, if you haven’t done so already make sure to get a yearly check of your A/C to make sure it is running as efficiently as possible.

Upgrade your lights: Switch to LED lights, which use 90 percent less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and can last up to 10 times longer. I love the fact that I rarely ever have to change light bulbs anymore!

Use fans wisely: Your ceiling fan keeps you cool, but it doesn’t cool your room. When you leave a room, turn off the fan to save about $7 a month on your bill.

Consider a new pool pump: Installing a variable speed pool pump is an investment, but the savings can pay off in as little as eight months. Reducing your pump’s run time by two hours or more a day can save you up to $100 annually.  We did this last summer and saw such a difference in our bill!

Use smart technology: A smart thermostat can help you save approximately $50 a year on your bill.  Make sure to keep checking Palm Beach Mom’s Blog’s Facebook page for a giveaway of the ecobee smart thermostat that we will be giving away to one lucky PBMB reader!  It’s valued at $199 but worth more than that is the money it could save you on your FPL bill in years to come!

Download FPL’s mobile app: What mom doesn’t have her phone on her all the time?  Now you can use your phone to help you with your electric bill and make paying that bill easier and quicker!  

Here are a few ways the FPL mobile app helps you take control of your energy usage and bill, from the palm of your hand:

  • Monitor your energy usage – Compare your energy usage across three months or a full year, including average temperature data, so you see how weather impacts your bill
  • View your projected bill – Understand what your bill is projected to be, so you can take steps to help lower it before it arrives
  • Check your account summary – View and edit your profile information and communication preferences, so you receive information on what matters most to you
  • Track the length of your billing cycle – See where you are in your billing cycle: it can range from 28 to 35 days, which can affect your bill amount
  • Pay your bill quickly and securely – Make a payment in a few taps, or adjust the date of an upcoming payment if you need to
  • Report an outage – Check your power status and, if necessary, submit an outage report so we can work to get your lights back on safely and as quickly as possible
  • Stay informed with alerts – Receive important information about storms and bill pay reminders

For more information about ways to help you lower your bills and all that FPL has to offer their customers to help them become energy experts, please visit FPL’s website!


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