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South Florida Science Center: ASTRONAUT

Last week the new exhibit, ASTRONAUT, opened at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium!  I was lucky enough to check it out.  I was blown away from the moment I walked into the exhibit.  

If you have ever wanted to know what it is like being an astronaut, you will learn here!  My favorite thing about the exhibit is that everything is made to touch and feel.  Astronaut boasts 26 hands-on, interactive exhibits which relay the physical and psychological effects of living in space and the technology required for the astronauts to complete their missions.

The exhibit is suited for all ages from young kids to adults!  

The “Training Zone” features some of the challenges involved in becoming an astronaut.  Visitors may try their hand at assembling nuts and bolts while wearing a space suit, complete a successful mission and even try to overcome G-forces.

A “Rocket Launch” are simulates blast-off, allowing guests to climb into a rocket and countdown while sitting on a huge chair. This area also shows visitors what it is like to sleep in space as well as how grow food in zero gravity conditions.  

The exhibit was described as the museum’s CEO as “edutainment.”   It is truly an educational experience while extremely entertaining at the same time!  

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