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Celebrate the Fourth with Patriotic Pudding Pops

What ever happened to pudding pops? I loved them as a kid, and then they disappeared. I sometimes look in the freezer section hoping they will magically appear again. Sadly, they haven’t. When I think back on some of my favorite summer memories, sitting outside drenched in pool water and eating pudding pops ranks as one of the top. 

I found a pudding pop kit at Walmart but when I saw an entire display of popsicle molds for $.96 I knew we were going to make our own. With 4th of July is around the corner, I wanted to jazz our pops up a bit to celebrate.


With that in mind, the kids and I got started in the kitchen. Every part of these recipes your kids can take part in and start creating their own special summer memories. You can also tailor what you add to the pudding based on what your kids like or what you already have in the house. 

I used vanilla pudding as the base for all of these, simply because it was the closest to white for my ‘red, white and blue’ theme, but you could use whatever your favorite flavor is. One trick with pudding pops is before you put them in the freezer, tap the molds on the counter to make sure the pudding goes all the way to the bottom and touches all of the toppings. That way they all freeze together. 

Fruit Pudding Pops

It’s exactly how it sounds. Select your favorite red and blue berries. Slice them into smaller pieces, remember theywill be frozen when you eat them next. We put the strawberries in first, then layered vanilla pudding, blueberries and pudding again. Raspberries would be delicious in this too. 


Red, White and Blue with Sprinkles on Top

Once you make all of the vanilla pudding, separate equal parts into 3 bowls. Add red food coloring to one, and blue to another. Add sprinkles to the bottom of the mold, then alternate the three colors. Voilà ! 

Cookie Crunch with M&M’s

My kids loved digging through the Mini M&M’s separating the reds and blues out and eating the rest. This one also had them breaking up Oreos into tiny crumbles. Add pudding to the mold and drop all of the cookies and candies in. Don’t feel like you can only use these specific items. Use whatever you already have. 



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