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The Amazing Bees Festival

On October 20th a new family festival will be coming to Boca Raton at Mizner Park!

The Amazing Bees Festival, a family-friendly event that will BEE a blast! Enjoy the live Bee show, face painting, food, zumbina, zumba for kids, children’s yoga and learn about all the great things bees do for us!  The festival will celebrate the importance of nature’s pollinators, particularly the bees that have been in danger in recent years. Festival organizers seek to educate families about how they can support bees by making eco-friendly choices to help them thrive.

The festival includes a show that follows the adventures of Big Bee, Queen Honey, Prince Bob Bee and Princess Debbee as they search for fresh nectar and brave a variety of hardships to survive. Families are encouraged to get up and move to the music during the performance.

Eric Stuart voice for BROK on Pokeman performs as MC BEE LITE in the voice over!

Check out the Amazing Bee Song, “Buzzy Bee Bump”

There is also an Amazing Bee Game App

Tickets start at $15 and are available online through


Palm Beach Moms Blog is excited to partner with the Amazing Bees Festival to let the families of South Florida know about this new event!


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