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Bad Words, Good Mamas

Once upon a time there was a young thirty-something perfectionist mama with her two year old daughter and one year old son.  She walked her kids confidently- even a bit proudly- into the children’s room of the local library.  Her children were always the ones to sit and do puzzles quietly until class started.  Her […]

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Scary, Gross and Weird…Milestones in Parenting

October brings out the ghoulish decorations at local malls, coffee shops & schools.  Some parents spend months planning their children’s outfits or candy routes, some parents don’t celebrate the dark day, and some wing it every year.  No matter which type of parent you are, you know that parenting can be far more scary, gross […]

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These Shoes Were Made for Working

Cue Fergie’s song “Glamorous”. G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S, yeah GLAMOROUS. Are you singing along? Bopping your head and humming the tune? Yeah, me too. That is pretty much exactly how I thought my life as a working mother would be–glamorous. In fact, I think it is safe to say, that society may even imply that working moms have […]

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“I’m fine. Everything’s fine.”

“I’m fine. Everything’s fine.” Do you often find yourself uttering those four words before someone even finishes asking, “How are you?” Lately, it feels as though those words just spill out, unconsciously, without any true meaning behind them. Am I fine? Well, that is open for interpretation. Motherhood is hard and I am here to […]

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This Mom’s Job Defies Labels

You know Stay at Home Moms. You know Working Moms (though, I argue that ALL moms are working moms, but i digress). Then there’s me. I’m a ….. A ….. I haven’t been able to put a label on it. I call myself a Hybrid Mom, which translates to a Lucky Mom. I have the […]

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Mommin’ Ain’t Easy (but it Also Ain’t Real)

“Mommin’ ain’t easy.” – All moms, everywhere. I’m not sure who first said these words, but I think they’re wrong. “Ain’t easy” is an epic understatement. Mommin’ is different level hard.  Keeping one or more tiny humans alive is hard. Keeping them alive, though, is just mothering. Mothering and mommin’ are two totally different concepts. Mothering means you […]

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I Forgot Hispanic Heritage Month

I am hispanic and I forgot it was Hispanic Heritage month. As a first generation American and as someone who used to work for 2 huge Latin American companies, I feel a little strange that I forgot to make this month into a learning opportunity for my daughter.  I mean here I am in South […]

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