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When a Chatty Cathy Becomes a Mom

I’ve always been a bit chatty. Or, at least, people decide to chat with me and respond. But once I became pregnant and then a mom, the chatting went to a whole new level.

Strangers would strike up a conversation when they noticed my basketball belly. And who could resist asking me about my adorable Benjamin, who is a flirt and a natural conversation starter? Then you start talking to other moms — be them close friends, acquaintances or complete strangers. They are open with you, and you are open with them. Very open.

You discuss labor and babies’ bathroom habits and everything in between. Nothing seems to be off limits. You are no longer shy or guarded. You just talk. Because they’ve been there, too. And you seem to talk even more if your babies are really close in age. Because that mama is right where you are right then.

Then you get nostalgic about your pregnancy and you start talking to pregnant strangers. You smile knowingly and then some (usually) appropriate  comment or question is blurted out.

In the bathroom at work

A few weeks ago, I found myself in the bathroom at work with a pregnant coworker from another department. We’d met once, briefly, introduced by our publisher. Thankfully he had mentioned I had a young one at home, so when I asked her “how are you feeling?” she wasn’t totally weirded out. She admitted she was feeling nervous and stressed — about getting everything at work squared away. And she added “I’m sure when she arrives, that will change.” I assured her it was a natural feeling, all of it.

And then I found myself telling her how I worked till the day before I went into labor and how I got everything squared away a week before. I told her that the morning I went into labor I texted my boss that I’d be back in 3 months and about how the moment I sent that text, my near-obsession with work disappeared. I think she was relieved to hear the switch really does flip. (And, belatedly, I was relieved to hear someone else worried more about work than motherhood.)

On Palm Beach

After our recent photo shoot, I had the pleasure of spending time with a few fellow Palm Beach Mom bloggers (and their adorable newborns). I am new to the group, but it didn’t take long before we were swapping stories that only mommies would appreciate and not be weirded out by. We all may have different backgrounds and stories to tell, but we have one thing in common — we.are.moms. As fellow mom blogger Melisssa Emmons explained previously, it’s good to have a “been there, done that” friend“ ( And that’s what these ladies are, no matter where or how you meet them.

Back in the bathroom

I wished my pregnant co-worker luck, and we went our separate ways. I’m sure I’ll see her a few more times before Baby Girl arrives, and I’m sure we’ll have another personal conversation. Because that’s what mommies (and mommies-to-be) do. It’s a natural instinct to bond and nurture. (And, let’s be honest, sometimes it’s the first interaction you’ve had with an adult all day).


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