Passionate About the Palm Beach area
and the Moms Who Live Here

A Non-Trendy Mom’s Day Off

Before I became a mother my idea of relaxing was loading up my Saturdays with all the local Zumba classes and then catching a blockbuster movie with my bodybuilder boyfriend after an indulgent Italian dinner. Or during weeknights, my idea of relaxing was lighting a bunch of candles and turning the air down to 70 […]

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Turning Good-Bye Into Welcome Home

Good-bye is never easy. The good-bye that led us to Florida was harder than most. My husband, Mark, and I have a blended family. We each have two children from a previous marriage, and we have a daughter together. When my husband was first approached with an amazing career opportunity that required an out-of-state move, […]

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The Real Must Haves for the New Mom

Planning for a new baby is incredibly exciting and incredibly overwhelming. Everyone has an opinion on what gear is a MUST and which items will make life easier for the new mommy and baby.   Here’s the truth… What work so for one baby will not always work for another! From the perfect swaddle blanket, […]

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Mommin’ Ain’t Easy

So everyone always says being a mom is the hardest job in the world but not many elaborate…. I feel as though many agree that the lack of sleep is a huge factor even though there are many lucky ones not experiencing those late night bouncing/patting/singing/shhhing episodes. Acting as a close second…. is how your […]

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Mommying with an Invisible Illness

As women it’s often hard to talk about our weaknesses. After all, we are usually the one in the family who feels the most responsibility to make sure everyone else is cared for and happy. We don’t want to talk about what’s hard for us when we are so focused on making things right for […]

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How many kids?

At some point in motherhood or even before we enter motherhood we may face the question of how many kids should we have? This is a question some couples know the answer to even before they decide to get married and for some it isn’t a question at all due to medical concerns or infertility. […]

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The Perfect Outlet for You and Your Budding Artist

Palm Beach Moms Blog is proud to be partnering with the Palm Beach Outlets! Kids Need More Art.  It’s not just a saying, it’s a calling.  It’s also a local business owned by Karen Nobel, a dual-certified art and elementary education teacher, as well as the 2010 Teacher of the Year for Pine Jog Elementary and […]

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Ranch and veggies

Clean Eating Kids: Summertime Snack Ideas

Summer. For many of us, the word conjures up fond childhood memories of hanging at the pool, running through sprinklers and magical family vacations. Summertime can also bring us back to the time of Kool-Aid, watermelon and ice cream trucks. There’s just something about cold and sweet snacks that scream SUMMER to me! Now, as […]

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