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just introduce yourself

Just Introduce Yourself

Most of my life I would have considered myself to be an extrovert but once I had kids things changed. I was living in a new state where didn’t know many people and I became more introverted. In a college atmosphere it was so easy to meet people but for some reason when I graduated […]

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downward dog 2

Relaxing my way into Mother’s Day

When you’re a mom, especially to younger kids, the weekends tend to lose a little bit of luster. Saturday mornings are no longer about luxuriously sleeping in (or sleeping off your fun Friday night). Gone are the days of brunch with the girls, relaxing poolside with a good book, and spur of the moment date […]

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Sleeping beautiful baby toddler girl with a fluffy teddy bear on the bed

Sleep Regressions

Palm Beach Moms Blog loves when we have guest contributors.  Today’s post is from Colleen Garland, a certified infant & child sleep consultant and owner of Love Sleep Grow.  Colleen works with parents to trouble-shoot their child’s sleep problems, create good sleep habits, and develop happy, well-rested families.  Colleen is also mom to two spunky […]

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The Learning Curve

Kindergarten has been an incredible experience for our daughter. We had concerns about adapting to a new school with a full-day curriculum, but those diminished within our first week. We could not have asked for a better program or teacher. Recently, as our daughter read a short story to us, I sat in awe listening […]

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I am fifteen years old and living in Scottsdale, AZ. My parents have called a “family meeting” which I anxiously await to hear them say those all too familiar words, “we are moving”. See at this point in my life I have lived in seven different states and have been in this home for the […]

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nature walk

The Magic of the Outdoors

One of the questions I get most often is “So what’s it like having four kids?” Honestly, it’s indescribable. It’s busy yet beautiful, exhausting but wonderful all at the same time. My usual response, though, is the first word that immediately leaps to my mind: LOUD! If my children are with me, I don’t have […]

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Why I Love Raising my Kids in Florida

I am a New England girl, living in a Florida world.  I love the Red Sox, the Patriots, my clam chowder, white, with oyster crackers and lobster from Maine.  I love to use the word “wicked” before adjectives to make sure I am properly expressing how I feel.  I will always call something you drink water out of […]

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