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What we’ve learned from our mothers!

Happy Mother’s Day!  We learn so much from our mothers, grandmothers, aunts and other women in our lives.  To celebrate our mothers some members of the Palm Beach Moms Blog Contributor team share the greatest lessons we have learned from our moms!  Thanks Mom!  

Renata Barbosa

When you are in the midst of “lesson learning,” you don’t fully absorb what life is trying to teach you. In this case, it’s all those things your mom either said or did, that in the moment did not seem of any importance. If I were to share all of the things my mom has taught me, we’d be here for days (Maybe weeks, I really like to chat!). The most important thing I’d like to pass down to my own daughter, is the strength to love herself, fully & truly. To accept her successes and failures. To own her body in all its shapes and sizes. To own her choices and mistakes. To walk confidently in her shoes no matter the dissent. When my mom allowed me to freely be me, she gave room for my personality to flourish, and I hope to do the same for my daughter. 

Sabrina Wolff

Let kids be kids. Play outside. Get dirty. Make messes. Let them make mistakes and learn from them. Bumps and bruises look bad, but they heal. What you learn from that is invaluable.

Courtney Yates

I learned everything about being a great mom from my mom. I call her constantly with questions and am so grateful for her advice. She has taught me to take care of myself, listen to my children, and remember tomorrow is another day. 

Amanda Kuno

One thing I’ve learned from my mom is that sometimes people won’t understand you, because they haven’t been where you’ve been. You can’t judge them for misunderstanding you, or even for thinking badly of you. You just keep being you & keep loving them.  I’ve also learned that she is the best person ever to road trip with. 

Melanie Hooks

My mom was a child when her grandmother died, and my grandmother died when I was too young to have any memory of her. I feel connected to the women who came before me, though, from the lessons passed down from my mother. I must have been a toddler the first time my mother stood me on a chair and taught me how to knead dough and roll it out to make biscuits. Together, we plunged our fingers into the milk, flour, and butter, and just a short time later we had warm, fluffy, delicious biscuits. My own children were preschoolers when I began the biscuit lessons with them. Though all but one of my children no longer needs to stand on a chair, I still enjoy this process of creating with my children. While I never got the chance to know the generations of women in my family who came before my mother, I feel a connection with them each time I pull out my dough bowl, bread board, and rolling pin and bake biscuits for my family.

Stephanie Baker

My mother has taught me so many valuable lessons that it would take an entire book to fill with all of the words of wisdom she’s shared with me! I can’t thank her enough for all she has done and I hope to be half as amazing of a mother as she’s been to me. One of the best pieces of advice she gave me many years ago that I hope to pass along to my children is that you are in charge of your own happiness, other people and material things do not determine your happiness and worth and that loving yourself for who you are makes so many things in life possible. I love you mom!

Laura Zapata

My mother has taught me how to be a lady, how to fight for what is right and has shown me that being a mother is the toughest job on the planet. From the moment our babies are born until the day we pass, we worry. We are their comfort, their support, their teachers, their Secruity. Anything is possible when you have your mother by your side. I know this because she has taught me this. I get everything from my mother. The great and the side eye. One thing is for sure, God was giving me the best life when he chose me to be raised by her.

Meg Palumbo

Out of all of the things that I learned from my mother, I think of one thing that was never said but just observed.  She has taught me to love and to love unconditionally.  She loves.  Loves her family, her friends, our Lord and she loves life.  I love that I get to call her Mom! 

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