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The Real Must Haves for the New Mom

Planning for a new baby is incredibly exciting and incredibly overwhelming. Everyone has an opinion on what gear is a MUST and which items will make life easier for the new mommy and baby.  

        8 months pregnant

Here’s the truth…

What work so for one baby will not always work for another! From the perfect swaddle blanket, to a bottle that will reduce colic, baby gear is forever changing and that business is booming. I, myself, have fallen for the new baby gear trap and as we were preparing for our third boy still had a wishlist of new items that came out in he five years after our first baby. 

New blankets, new bottles, newborn loungers, new tub, a cloning device to make two of myself and my husband, and the list goes on and on.

The constant must haves on my list of what I really needed and wanted?

  • A maid to help with my nesting needs
  • A chef to prepare meals for my family while I was recovering and tending to my newborn
  • A personal shopper to go buy whatever I needed so I wouldn’t need to wrangle three boys into the car

Isn’t this on every new mommy or seasoned mommy’s wish list? 

Is the sky blue?

So wouldn’t any of these be an amazing gift for your friend or loved ones to receive?

Now I know what you’re thinking… “I’m not shelling out money for that! Who do you think I am, (insert famous person’s came here).”

Neither am I! But what I have learned is that what we really need as new moms is exactly these three things and they are things no mom think is about asking for. 

When I was pregnant with our first, my family got together to help us clean every last inch of my house and prepare the nursery. I couldn’t thank them enough for making every last one of my wishes for a clean house and beautiful room for our baby come true. This was better than any gift from my registry (not that those weren’t needed too). If cleaning is not your thing, check out Groupon and look for an offer for a one time cleaning service! You’ll be the most loved friend on the planet!

After having an unplanned C-Section, the last thing I was thinking about was food. My amazing friends and family came together and prepared meals for us, some delivered pizza, others would just drop off food for us, hold the baby while we ate dinner and left soon after. This too was such an amazing gift to give us. This would be so appreciated by your soon to be mommy friend. Get together with some friends and make a Meal Train and keep the new family fed! Giftcards for restaurants are amazing as well! Yummy take out or a nice home cooked meal is the way to anyone’s heart!

Last, but not least, the personal shopper. Enter Amazon Prime.

Prime-ing at its best…

I was late to the Amazon game, but now that I’m here, I can can’t imagine looking back. Diapers at 20% off, formula, nipple pads, make up, paper towels, snacks, shoes, lions, tigers, and bears; It’s all there! And with a couple of clicks, will be at your home in a couple of days. Hello convience!  And you can gift this to your mommy to be! Just pay for their year and give the gift that keeps on giving. Now that wins best gift in my eyes.

Moms, what have been the most thoughtful and helpful items you have received?


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2 Responses to The Real Must Haves for the New Mom

  1. Avatar
    Becky Keck July 17, 2017 at 4:34 pm #

    LOVE this Laura! What I was thankful for during my postpartum days and weeks were my coworkers getting together and signing up to prepare and deliver meals. At our school, we use the website and it’s free! You create a meal schedule for the parents to be and people can sign up to make a meal and deliver! Or if they choose, they can purchase a meal to be delivered (but we usually don’t use that feature so I don’t know a lot about it). We also usually designate a person that lives close to the family to deliver meals if the person who made the meal isn’t able to. It’s such a lifesaver!!

    • Laura Zapata
      Laura Zapata July 18, 2017 at 10:09 pm #

      Yes! That’s amazing! My neighbors set something like this up for one of our other neighbors and it was fantastic!!