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Prehistoric Nutrition



Somewhere a long the timeline of evolution when, what, and how much we eat drastically changed. Our prehistoric caveman ancestors hundred’s of thousand years ago treated nutrition a lot different and it is my belief that we need to revisit just how they did and perhaps mimic?

Diets and Meal Plans

The traditional American diet is aging us beyond our years at a much quicker rate. There are all sorts of great dietary alternatives out there and a lot do have bits of validity and benefit to each of them. Paleo tends to mimic more of the traditional caveman’s diet. Vegan also tends to do the same as in promoting “eating off the vine.”  They each amongst others do have there obvious benefits and therefore should play a role in our current nutritional choices. If you are already eating this way you are off to a great start, if not you may want to try it. 

How to Consume Food (IMO)

Now what I might add in addition to what is actually be consumed is how often you do so. I look to our past as a human race and what I see daily in my toddler and think sitting down for 3 meals a day is not how our bodies were meant to be fueled. After all that is what the intention of meals are, simply fuel for our amazing bodies to keep going. My toddler initially wanted to eat a lot at random times and sometimes not much at all. It wasn’t until he was trained did he get hungry at breakfast, lunch and dinner times (wish I hadn’t set that schedule for him in hindsight.) Cavemen too didn’t eat 3 meals a day on a regular basis, only when they were lucky enough to come across meal. Most of their meals consisted of veggies with an occasional kill of meat. They experienced times of intermittent fasting as they grazed here and there. I believe our bodies still mimic theirs and crave more of their diet and frequency of eating to really thrive. 


Now I don’t deny that some advances since those prehistoric times have been a blessing for mankind. Advances in medicine, technology and industry do help us to live longer. I just feel sometimes we get too far off track of where we could be taking health in general. Having roofs over our head offers us security and refuge that unfortunately our ancestors missed. Clean environments and water is such a blessing. I am merely suggesting we mimic their diets a bit more as well as physical activity. As a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant I can tell you how much our musculoskeletal system suffers from an abundance of inactivity. The sedentary lifestyle along with the amounts consumed and eating processed foods are rapidly aging us on a whole.  

Now I am not a nutritionist and I myself do not always eat as described, but I certainly keep it in mind and do my best. I think we can always strive to do a little better and maybe keep your inner cave person alive inside with one bite and leap at a time! 

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