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No TV? No problem. (and no I don’t care if it’s on when my child is there)

Mom’s, please don’t think you stumbled upon ANOTHER post shaming you about screen time for your children.

Rest assured, this is NOT it.

I am happily screen free for the most part as much as possible.  I just find that there is so many other great fun activities to do with my son.  Even when it’s on – randomly – which is rare, my son barely is into it and would much rather be playing with a football, his train set or his matchbox cars.  My husband and I agreed early on, that when he was born, we wouldn’t have TV on for the most part, even as background noise.  Maybe this is why we have aged tremendously, and we are exhausted 1/2 the time…but that was our choice.  It certainly has made us work a lot harder in finding ways to entertain him when we are in the house.  Not to mention, our couch time has become minimal during our son’s waking hours.

Burning off that energy!

Cousin bonding time

Please don’t fault me for being screen free…as I don’t fault you for giving screen time to your littles.

We, have so much to do where we live in beautiful Palm Beach County, and it’s truly paradise to many.  I feel that my 2 year old doesn’t really know what he is missing as we don’t let him see our phones typically or use any other technology. 

Bike Riding in Palm Beach County

The irony?

I am a Business & Technology teacher at the High School level where I educate children to use technology in a safe and effective way in class. I have talked to numerous mom’s who tell me their rationale as to why they are letting their child watch TV or a movie on the iPad, etc.  The truth is, it’s none of my business.  Some of my best friends prop their screens in front of their children at restaurants, while we are out to dinner.  My son, by default, will watch too.  Life goes on. No big deal.

I do not judge. 

This brings me back to an extreme other side of the spectrum story from years ago when I used to babysit/nanny during my grad school days. I specifically remember a professional young couple that taught at a University in NJ who went so far as to put a sheet over the T.V.  Yes, a sheet.  I didn’t ask.

While, I am not quite OCD level about it, we are definitely accustomed to no TV here in our home.  Music is usually on for our son who loves to dance himself silly in the living room.  Moms, you know those days where you just dance it out with your kids?  Love those days! 

I recently had a conversation with a few mom friends of mine about the future implications on our children, if any.  I don’t mean by the kids who kid get the screen time.  I am actually referring to the opposite.  How will my child be “different” from the majority of the kids who have watched TV since birth.  I know a mom who showed her daughter, Cinderella and said she watched the entire movie from start to finish.   She was, I believe, 9 months old.   No one is right or wrong, in my opinion, but I also believe balance is so important for us.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sesame Street are always welcome into our’s a special treat for us though.  It’s funny how our son now says, “Mommy, a little TV?” in the most hopeful little voice.  I know TV will be inevitable soon enough. 

If you are one of the moms like me, who likes to be screen-free in their home, have at it!  We all know, mom guilt is real.  We are almost always doubting our every move when it comes to the best interest of our kids, but we all know we are trying our best. 

Let’s continue to support each other whatever way we see fit best for our mini’s.



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