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Newly released movie, Kidnap, is a must-see for mom’s everywhere.

This is such a hard topic to write about.  The sheer notion of not being able to find your child even for a brief minute is terrifying, but the realization that your child could actually be kidnapped is absolutely gut wrenching.  As we all venture into the new school year and the weather hopefully starts getting less brutal, we begin to venture out more and come out of our South Florida hiberation mode.

Have you had that moment when you get a phone call and you turn away from your child to answer it, “just for a second?”  How about looking down to respond to that text while your child is within reach? 

Split Second..Where is my child?   OH MY GOD!  WHERE IS MY BABY?

This is the premise of the new flick starring Halle Barry, Kidnap.  While I do NOT want to give any spoilers, I do think this movie is extremely eye-opening and a wake-up call to many of us moms including myself. 

The one thing I have learned after becoming a mom is to not be judgemental towards other moms about their parenting styles, etc.  I am not here to tell you how to raise your children by any means, but after viewing this movie last night, I felt compelled to write .  I was 100% certain I knew what my next post would be.   If this post helps 1 mom…I have succeeded.

Playgrounds..Phones Down!

I have a 2 year old son.  I don’t take my eyes off of him while we are at the playground obviously because my worry is him falling, or toddling off somewhere and getting hurt.  I see moms of the older children who are enjoying the park and are obviously not as tuned in as I am to their kids because they are older. Makes sense as the worry that a mom of  little one may have is definitely different to moms of older kids.  I, personally haven’t seen anyone not paying attention to their children..GO Palm Beach Mom’s..however, I am aware this CAN and DOES happen.  I know we are live in our safety bubbles and don’t think this can happen to us, but kids go missing every day.  The actual statistics are disturbing.  I am not trying to make anyone paranoid, but I do strongly agree in helping moms such as myself.  Let’s not assume there are not creeps and child predators out there lurking in broad daylight.  Waiting for us mom’s to just look away..just for that split second.  Please, let’s not be a statistic ladies!

Grocery Stores/Parking Lots- Place Your Child in Before you Unload your Bags

After I am done with my grocery shopping and I head to the car, I used to turn the A/C on and unload groceries and then put my son in after.  Makes sense, right?  I wanted to cool the car off a little bit first..what’s the big deal right?  Wrong.  I remember a local story where a mom said while she was putting groceries in her SUV, someone approached her child and tried to abduct them when her back was turned loading groceries.  These people wait in parking lots and prey on mom’s.  We MUST be aware and alert at all times.  I always put my son in the car seat and buckle him up and THEN load the groceries now.  Better safe than sorry!

Mom’ thoughts. 

  1.  I am not an overly worried mommy.  I like to consider myself pretty relaxed, but this movie certainly put the fire under me on this topic.
  2. PAY ATTENTION!  The text, email or phone call can wait.
  3. BE ALERT!  I know how tired you are…I am right there with you, but always have those eyes in the back of your head when you are out in public.

May all your mini’s have a wonderful, safe and productive start to the school year! 

Stay safe mamas!





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