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New Year, New Mom

The one thing I love about a new year is it’s a time for people to reflect on the past year and set goals for the next year. This is where the creation of a New Year’s Resolution stemmed from. Although I believe you can do this at any point in the year there is something about that change of date that pushes many people to do it at this time. This new year’s I have decided this year is going to be the year of me. As moms, we spend so much time worried about our kids, our husband, our family, our friends, that worrying about our own health and happiness sometimes falls waist side. Here are five things I am going to do this year to focus on me and I encourage you to do the same!


  1. Stop Apologizing: I catch myself all the time saying sorry to people and recently I have stopped myself and thought okay why am I apologizing? My 16-month-old son is babbling loudly why I wait for meat in the deli section. I feel eyes glaring at me and I automatically apologize. But what for? He is practicing his speech and isn’t hurting anyone, this is him expressing himself and I shouldn’t be sorry for it.


  1. Say Yes: As parents, we find ourselves saying no more often than we say yes. I was out running errands with my two kids and my four-year-old asked if we could go out to eat. My mind right away wants to say no I would be crazy to sit down at a restaurant and eat with two children. But I said yes! Guess what? I actually enjoyed it! I got to eat what I wanted to eat and not macaroni or a ham and cheese sandwich that I made my kids.


  1. Take your time: Those small moments we get to ourselves weather we are at the grocery store or running a quick errand while someone else has them. We find ourselves rushing to get back to our kids. Take your time mama! You deserve it. Sit in your car a few extra minutes or browse a few more aisles.


  1. Quiet time: My daughter no longer takes naps and on days she’s not in school when my youngest naps I tell her it is quiet time for everyone. She needs to play quietly in her room while I take time to myself to read or watch a show. Yes, I could be doing laundry or cleaning, but I need this time to myself to refuel to keep going until bed time. We need it as much as our kids do. No matter what age they are set a quiet time so that everyone can reset mid-day.


  1. Set reasonable goals each day: We tend to overwhelm ourselves with all that needs to be done. Set a realistic goal each day or make a list for the week that you can cross off. Even if it is as simple as do one load of laundry. Accomplishing something you wanted to will make you feel better about your day.


Make 2018 a year for you! Think what you can do to make your life easier on you. You will be happier and so will your family. Go get them mamas!

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