Passionate About the Palm Beach area
and the Moms Who Live Here

My Little Light

After the horrific events that hit so close to home in Florida, many moms and children are looking for a way to take a breath. A local mom, Sarah Granato, has created the perfect books that helps create health and wellness through the whole family. 

Sarah was a full time yoga instructor and studio owner. Until her first child was born and she became a full-time stay at home mom. Like most moms, Sarah struggled with missing her passion and love for yoga and immersing herself in motherhood. After her second daughter was born she describes, “The marriage of those two passions (motherhood and yoga) created not only the poetry of My Little Light and the narrative in I Am Light but many more stories that still live in my head.”

The illustrators of her beautiful books are old friends, one being the daughter of a college friend illustrating her book at only 13 years old. Other mom friends, mom yogis, and her own husband helped her through this process to make her dream come true. 

Not only is Sarah’s book encouraging positive postures for children and families alike it also contains positive affirmations. The child in the book talks about being brave, kind, and strong. Statements that our children should be reminded of daily. “Her first book My Little Light: my first postures lives in homes all over the world as well as yoga studios, book shops, boutiques, libraries, and children’s hospitals.”

If you would like to meet Sarah and check out her books. She will be at the BAM a festival of books and music on March 3. You will also find her books on Amazon, in your local library, or on her website

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