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Holidays can be hard, let’s make them brighter!

The holidays are usually such an exciting time for most families, unfortunately there are people all around us in the world that are having hardships and dreading when the holidays come around. Suddenly when the Christmas lights go up and people strap trees on their roofs of their cars, it’s just a constant reminder of loved ones lost. Songs on the radio start not to be exciting, and the desire to sing along instead makes them want to cry in their cars. I have multiple family members, some very close to me that have lost young children. Some have drastically changed their outlooks on celebrating the holidays. It is not a joyful time for my one family member anymore but is a time of remembrance and sadness and I do my hardest to limit how much exposure and conversations I have with her. I limit my excitement that I have for my kids and the joy in our home because I know that it’s not the same and hers, and I want to feel compassion and be leery of what I say so that it doesn’t hit a nerve. 
The other family members try to share memories from past holidays and although they also don’t “celebrate” Christmas they still acknowledge the holiday in their own way gifting other children with presents while they’re in hospitals over the holidays . 
This makes me want to try to make the holidays brighter for everyone.  Let’s all try to pay it forward and do nice things, and be conscious of other people around us. You never know how we could affect someone. Usually the holidays are when people are driving the worst, acting crazy, stressed out about money etc….let’s just all take a step back and try to just be good human beings even if it’s opening the door for someone; letting that car over in the lane instead of creeping up and looking the other way. Helping someone with their groceries, offering to pick up the Starbucks tab at the drive-through for the car behind you…. many of these things I’ve been lucky enough to experience as well as pay back. 
Good karma is an every day gift I like to spread around this world .
Just recently, we were rewarded for my sons good behavior; we were at the local Pak Mail store when an old man being helped before us asked my son if he likes McDonald’s, my son said yes and then the man gave him $10. He explained “This is for you and your brother. Have your mom go pick you up something to eat for lunch, you’re a good boy!”  He asked him his name and then he gave him a handful of change and said, “This is for your piggy bank.” It made my eyes well up, I was so happy that he noticed that my son was doing his best at his (young age of four) to try to help his mommy out while I was addressing Christmas cards, while making sure my one year old didn’t destroy the place or end up outside the store. So by him giving my son that money it just validated that there are good people out there that do selfless things that want to spread around holiday cheer and that can come from anywhere.
When it’s least expected that’s a gift in itself, and it’s a gift I want to keep on giving. So again, let’s try to be conscious of people that may not want to celebrate but may need just a smile to brighten up their day, month or year. Maybe even just invite someone over for a meal, anything way to “pay it forward” is a beautiful present that could just help someone get through the holiday season or whatever they’re going through !
A little bit goes a long way and what goes around comes around so happy holidays and happy new year!  I wish you all health and happiness!


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