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Living, not Fearing

Did you ever worry when you went to a concert that it would potentially be your last day on earth?
With the shooting in Vegas last week I am constantly trying to remember if my youth was ever filled with even an ounce of worry and danger in the forefront of my mind. 
That sounds like such a wonderful mentality to be in however that is not the reality of today. When I was 16 I went to giants stadium with a friend and saw a concert alone. My parents didn’t think anything except that I was so excited to be in the fourth row at a Dave Matthews Band concert for my birthday! 
This weekend, my sister and I went to the Bruno Mars concert …. shouldn’t I have been excited? Aren’t concerts/sporting events/comedy shows supposed to make us feel an escape from the common stressors of everyday life?  Shouldn’t I have been excited to have the “kid free” feeling and feel like my pre-kiddo self?! I should have been looking forward to having a beer and shaking it ….. instead I had an inner battle about even attending. This is so upsetting that I feel like large scale events are targets because I never felt like this.
However, I wonder if my parents did? Did they have this fear…. they must have had some. Maybe the first time we went to the mall alone and they came back to pick us up… I mean after all that was way before cell phones. Anything could have happened, however they let my sister and I have some fear instilled in us not to “talk to strangers,” or leave with anyone and we had meeting times to check in.
So after all the sadness from the major events happening in our world,  I still want to believe there is good in the world and it’s easier to be addicted to sadness and watch the horrendous natural and unnatural disasters but I chose to live in the moment and try to be happy.  I’m going to enjoy the moments we have on this earth because as the saying goes …. “time flys when you’re having fun!”  And the concert was great!!


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