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Keep Calm and Take it Day by Day – Advice from an initially skeptical mom!

Ladies, if you are reading this . . . well, you came to the right place.
I am 100% sure your life has gotten a little more nerve-wracking to say the least, after the Coronavirus –
Covid-19 has been the dreaded topic of conversation lately.
The truth is, we are in different times today. Unfortunately, staying home and “socially isolating” is the
new norm for all of us.
Whether you are a stay at home mom, working mom, or work at home mom, we are all facing some
new and unchartered waters.
We went from “not a big deal,” to the schools closing in a matter of days. How do you even
comprehend the magnitude of this? It seems many of us are simply in denial. Some are scared. Some
are just not sure what to do.
Now, add the million dollar question: Where can we find TOILET PAPER?
Like many of you, I was keeping calm and not worried at all. I was telling my husband to just relax and
it’s fine as I met up with some friends in Miami just this past Thursday. Yes, this past Thursday. I was
being optimistic, realistic and just overall trying to not buy into the “media hype” and apocalypse
What has changed?
I can tell you, for most of us, I think the severity of the situation is really starting to settle in and
especially with recommendations from the CDC as well. This is no longer just a “distant, not my
problem” kind of issue anymore. When grocery store after grocery store begin to look bare and
empty, that is certainly a reason for concern. Just today, the people in Publix had concerned looks on
their faces. Many customers just looked simply in disbelief.

Publix shelves have never looked so eerily empty.

The good news?

Take it day by day. If your kids are driving you up the wall . . . take it hour by hour. If you don’t know how
long this will last and you are just beyond worried and scared . . . take it minute by minute. We moms can
handle anything, right?

Subtle reminder: there will be birthday parties and balloons one day again!

This post is not to tell you to do crafts with your kids, or make sure to get them their academic and
outdoor play time daily. I’m sure you have seen all those very motivated lists and suggestions already.
This is to tell you . . . YOU are doing a great job mama! Keep smiling! Keep your heads up! This too shall
pass . . . maybe in a few months . . . but it will pass.


School hiatus aka extended Spring Break?

Let’s all batten down the hatches and just breathe . . . and wash our hands of course. 

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    Vanessa March 18, 2020 at 11:00 am #

    Great post, thanks!

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