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Four Fun Sensory Activities for a Rainy Day

I love doing sensory play activities with my kids–play doh, kinetic sand, making slime–so here are a few ideas for a rainy day!

Sensory Calming Bottles

After reading other blog posts, I tried a few different methods to make sensory calming bottles. These bottles remind me of shaking a snow globe. First, you need a sturdy, plastic water bottle. I used an empty Vitamin Water bottle, and some other types I think will work are Sparkling ICE, Smart Water, and VOSS. Rinse the bottle and take the label off, and then you’ll need:

  1. a tube of glitter glue;
  2. glitter, small pom poms, or whatever else you want to float in the bottle;
  3. hot water;
  4. a few drops of food coloring; and
  5. a hot glue gun or super glue.

First, squeeze the entire tube of glitter glue into the bottle. Then, add hot water until the bottle is 2/3 full. Next, add a small amount of glitter, poms, or other floating things. After that, add a few drops of food coloring. Then, add a little more water so the bottle is nearly full. Finally, put the cap on the bottle, and use either hot glue or super glue to seal it closed. This is optional, but I also glued a few gems on top of the bottle.

Here is a video of the finished product! IMG_6100

Kinetic Sand

I found a pack of kinetic sand at Michael’s (and used a coupon). My kids love it, and will play with the sand, and use different trucks and digging tools with it. I like to keep it in a plastic tray I found at Target to minimize the mess! You can also find it on Amazon. Kinetic sand can get expensive, depending on what quantity you want to have, and luckily you can also make it yourself! I haven’t done this yet, but I found a great tutorial, that I’d like to try.

Dinosaur Eggs and Fossil Digs

My older son absolutely loves dinosaurs, and last Christmas he got this awesome fossil egg kit. You soak the egg in water, and then use a digging tool that comes with each egg, to excavate a mini dinosaur. The kit even comes with a guide to identify what type of dinosaur is inside the egg. I like to save these to do for a rainy day, and we’ve also had fun inviting over a friend who also loves dinosaurs, and the kids did it together. We also love these fossil dig kits; they come with excavating tools, and contain different types of fossils. You can also make your own dinosaur eggs, and fossil digs, using a tutorial like this one!


Play-Doh is a classic, fun sensory activity! My kids love doing play doh, and we got this fun play oven set for Christmas that they both love. You can also make homemade play doh, and there are a lot of great tutorials online, like this one!

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