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Embrace the Strong Will

When I found out my daughter was going to be born in October, I knew right away what to expect from a Libra. Between my husband and I, we have six family members born in October, including my husband and my sister. I knew right away that my daughter was going to be a lot like these two people that I love so dearly. Libras have the biggest hearts, they love hard and fight hard. The one thing I was most nervous about is when she enters her teenage years, knowing that was a time in my life my younger sister and I butted heads and picturing my daughter and I doing the same.  

Little did I know these power struggles would begin as soon as my daughter learned the word “no.” She is a strong-willed child. I say that word with pride and confusion. I say it with pride as I know she will make a great leader throughout her schooling years and future careers, but I say it with confusion as I was a shy child and her rebuttals at four years old sometimes shocks me as I am learning to nurture all her sass.

There are many days that we do have battles as I teach her she isn’t yet an adult and that we tell her things to protect her. But there are days that she amazes me in being independent and I forget she is only four years old. We are learning together how to embrace this strong-will to be the best version of herself.

I have heard it many times “Your daughter is the one that likes to boss people around.” “She doesn’t like being told no.” When I hear these comments, I sort of just laugh them off feeling myself make the embarrassed emoji inside. But the truth is, I have nothing to be embarrassed about. This is my child! Although at almost four years old she is expected to listen to all adults and not talk back (talking back drives me nuts!) I know when she is an adult these attributes are going to help her become an amazing lawyer, a girl boss, or even the first women president.

My daughter IS a strong-willed child. She enjoys making her own decisions, she likes being a leader, and she doesn’t like being told no. But as a parent I am going to embrace this. I am going to make sure to encourage her to take the lead in a way that makes others that may be shy want to step up and stand tall. I am going to teach her when it is okay to listen and hear others opinions and when it is okay to voice her own. I am going to lift her up in all she is to be herself and push her to be that future girl boss.

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