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How to be an Early Bird by a former Night Owl

Well in Palm Beach County Florida the children are going back to school on August 13th.  Did you and your kids have a great summer sleeping in and exploring all of the summer fun this area has to offer? Are you ready to get up early and participate in the drop-off-lane life? I hear you.

Full Disclosure: I love staying up late and I never had a curfew growing up. So long as my parent knew who I was hanging out with, I could come home after midnight and all was right in the world. Being of Cuban and Colombian descent means that my Christmas Eve’s have always lasted all night long. When I was a single woman working in an office, I loved binge watching How I Met Your Mother.  So I know what you’re going to say to me. “I can’t be an early riser. It’s just science!”

Ok Mama, maybe not naturally, but with some effort, rising early can become second nature to you. I’m going to tell you my secrets to make your mornings easier, and hopefully convince you that being an early bird is actually awesome!

The Night Before

Ditch the Booze

Are you part of the Mom and Wine culture? I’m not judging, no worries.  Consider this though, since wine is actually a depressant more than 2 glasses too close to bed will actually harm your sleep.  Instead of wine, why not sip some warm water with lemon or chamomile tea? Not only that but I’ve heard it said that for moms who struggle with anxiety, drinking wine can actually make your anxiety worse! Who needs more anxious thoughts? If it seems too puritanical to give up your nightcap every night, why not nix wine during the week, really leaving this as a treat for the Saturday night?

Be asleep before 10:00pm

I used to put my 2 kids to bed at 8:00pm and then go do hard to tackle chores – the ones you can’t do with pre-schoolers under foot — all before going to bed at 11pm or later.  But you know what? My children are naturally early risers. When they wake up at 6:00am I wasn’t ready to face the day, and I wasn’t the nicest mom. Now I put the children to bed and join my husband in the living-room for 1 episode of our show du jour before heading to our bedroom at 9:00pm.  You read that right. 9:00pm. Whether we read books, spend time in prayer/meditation, or just enjoy each other’s company, you can guarantee that by the time 10:00pm rolls around we are already asleep. Your kids school might be different, but many of our county schools start at 7:30am. That means a 10:00 pm bedtime at the latest is recommended by this sleep calculator.

The Morning Of

Early Morning Workout

If your child has to be in school at 7:30am, I’m going to suggest something crazy. I wake up at 5:30am on days we have preschool or playdates.  Why? Because I want to get in a 30 minute workout. I’ll tiptoe to the living-room and put on my zumba dvd.  For me, dancing is such a great way to get into the spirit of a new day! Sometimes my children will wake up and then it becomes a family dance party! When we’re done, we find ourselves more alert, and can leisurely eat and dress before walking out the door.

Take a Cold Shower

I don’t always take a morning shower. But when I do, I believe taking a cooler-than-usual shower post morning workout makes me feel more alive. Call it hydrotherapy, but you just can’t help but feel more alive after a cold water bath. It is better for your skin and hair after all! If an entire shower under cold water seems like its too much too soon, try splashing your face with cold water.  

Eat Breakfast

I hate breakfast.  While Eggs, Avocado toast oatmeal and greek yogurt are all tasty, I don’t naturally wake up wanting breakfast food.  Just like it is important not to drive your car on empty, it is equally important to make sure you’ve got something healthy in your tummy. When you eat a handful of strawberries while you down your favorite coffee or tea or protein shake, you’re not only treating your body like a temple, but you’re being a great example to your kids. Win Win!

So there you have it.  My 5 ways to turn into an Early Bird.  It might take time to adjust to going to bed earlier and waking up earlier than absolutely necessary, but the results speak for themselves! Try it for a week and let me know if these tips helped you! Do you have other ways to feel more like an early bird? Let us know below!

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