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Disney World Trips (without the kids)

“Growing old is mandatory. But growing UP is optional!”

People who know me personally know, I LOVE Disney World! Even before my husband and I had children, we were annual pass holders and would frequent the park often. On December 10, 2009, we even got engaged in front of Cinderella’s castle. It truly was magical. It’s always been my happy place and I’m blessed to been married to a man who takes me often.


Fast forward 9 years, we have our three boys and trips to Disney are so much fun! We love seeing Disney through their eyes. What we don’t like is not being able to go on all the rides (our kids are afraid of some of the bigger/ fast ones), pin trading, and being able to park hop. So after our second son was born, we started taking Mommy and Daddy trips to Disney World!

We love it! The first time, we felt guilty as we drove up. “We’re bad parents. Xander would love this” etc. We walked in for their Christmas party (a great way to just go up for night and not deal with as many kiddies running around) and we’re surprised when a stranger gave us ten Fast Passes (quick way to skip lines). We got to do every big ride the boys wouldn’t do! We got to stay late for the fireworks. We connected and pin traded and remembered the magic we felt the first times we went.



Now, we are pros and look forward to our special trips. We go to Disney Springs, walk, shop and eat. It’s a fun place to go at night, catch a movie, go bowling, or just eat at some specialty restaurants. They even have a car that drives into the lagoon! Pretty wild. And truly Disney Magic every where you walk.

Our favorite park has been Magic Kingdom for the longest time, but there are so many new and fun rides coming to the other parks! For Star Wars lovers (aka my husband), Disney Hollywood Studios is the park for you! They have Storm Troopers walking around, a big Launch Bay where you can meet characters, and a whole new land that will take up at least half of the park! Animal Kingdom is our last pick to go to and really a fun park to take the kids too! Lots of animals and a brand new Avatar theme that is fun to be a part of.

The well known “adult park” has always been Epcot. You can eat and drink around the world, they have an amazing Food and Wine Festival (right around my birthday), a beautiful flower and garden festival in the spring time that just screams for beautiful days walking around Epcot! Each park also has special night time packages where you can sit and enjoy dessert, drinks and a VIP section to see the fireworks.

Magic Kingdom is my still my favorite areas. There’s something about walking down Main Street, wearing my Minnie Ears, and walking with my own Prince Charming, that just feels like home. The best part is we are so used to waking up early, we get to hit a lot of the rides before the families come with strollers and the kids! OR we can sleep in and hit the parks late in the afternoon and stay til the wee hours of the night. Disney at night, the rides are even better! 

Its important to date your spouse. Why not make it a magical date?

Whats your guilty-pleasure you and your love share? 

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