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“Dear Hate, You’re not winning!”

Dear Hate,

Where did you come from?  I’m pretty sure you have decided to come out from hiding. In my 40 years of existence, I don’t ever recall you being in everyone’s face as much as you are today. You are really trying hard to bring the world down….well hate to tell you..we will not let you dictate or affect us. My son is counting on ME and YOU will NOT win this one!

-Aimee Romano


As I’m comfortably sitting here on the couch enjoying my cup of hot tea with my husband sitting next to me, I can’t help but think how truly lucky and blessed I am.  My sweet baby boy is peacefully sleeping in his crib in the next room.  It is amazing how protected and shielded our children are isn’t it?  I truly think  his smile, happiness, purity and innocence should be bottled up daily and sprinkled out to the world right now.  Let love shine, right?

Here a few pointers I put together that may help keep your sanity and peace while it seems like that is the farthest thing going on right now….

Unplug from your plethora of  news sites

Ok, so I am not recommending  by any means to stop being informed or shielding yourself from what is unfortunately the reality of our society at the time.  I am just saying if you find that you are 24/7 talking about politics, mass murder, ISIS,  racism, discrimination or bias to your spouse, family or even Facebook  or may be time to disconnect a little bit.  

I used to be on several news media outlets and about a year ago, I found that reading a lot of negativity and having it literally in your face daily was NOT good for me.  It’s bad enough I had to hear about it once, do I really need to see the same headline 4 or 5 more times on my news feed?  Pick one reputable news site and/or local news and let go of the other “fluff”.   Time to declutter the news feed…you may be surprised how you don’t even miss it.

Get outside!

Enjoying all the beauty that surrounds us here in South Florida.

Go for a walk, take a stroll with your little, go for ice-cream and the park.  Make those playdates, spend time with your family and take the time to ENJOY yourself and your family.  Personally, I love when I get outside with my son and he just runs carefree.  Watching your child giggle and joyfully play is so fulfilling, isn’t it?  Not only does it clear your mind, but also resets your mood as well. 

The answer to world peace? Bubbles, of course!

Be nice!  Hold doors..pull out chairs…mind your it forward..volunteer, make someone smile, compliment someone, call your mother, be nice to the waitress who is miserable (maybe she is having a bad day), just do SOMETHING!

You know that old saying, “Kill em’ with kindness?”...wouldn’t hurt to try right?


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