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Christmas Traditions

To continue my post about holiday traditions, I am going to tell you all about our families Christmas traditions. Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year and although we are lucky enough to live in sunny Florida and can’t relate to a “white Christmas” I still love everything about it.

As mentioned in my past post, making traditions for the holidays is both exciting and difficult as your husband and you decide what you want to take from each of your families and what you want to start as your own. We try to keep our traditions going each year, but with our families on different coasts and us switching Christmas off to celebrate with each of them what our Christmas looks like changes slightly year to year.  

The controversial Elf on a Shelf – Not a tradition I intended to implement ha-ha. But my mother in law bought my daughter her first Elf on a Shelf her first Christmas at 2 months old. That year she mainly liked to just hold onto it (Don’t worry the elf got all her magic back). Now four years later our Elf (Trixie) comes out the day after Thanksgiving. I wish I was the mom that gets super creative with the Elf. But I currently don’t do a whole lot (Maybe when they are older). Trixie moves around each night, sometimes causes a little trouble, and sometimes leaves little notes. I do think it is helpful in another way to entice your kids to behave until Santa arrives. We have to use all the bribery we can, right?

I decorate for Christmas as soon as it is social acceptable, but try to wait till after Thanksgiving. I just love having a Christmas tree in my living room and leave it lit most of the day/night. I also listen to Christmas music as soon as I can. I love it!

One tradition I always did with my mom growing up is make chocolate covered pretzels. I enjoy making them every year, and even more so now that my daughter is old enough to help. Even if that means just covering them in sprinkles.

Another tradition I did growing up that I have continued with my own family is opening one gift on Christmas Eve. It’s something that I have always enjoyed and was important I continued with my own family.

A new tradition I stared this year with my children as they are getting older is letting them pick out an ornament for the tree. This year my daughter picked out a unicorn and my son a fox. They are nice because they are soft like stuffed animals so I can keep them low on the tree and they can take them off and play with them if they want.

There are so many fun and exciting things to do at Christmas time. It is truly such a special time of year to celebrate with family and friends near and far. What are some Christmas traditions your family has?


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