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Childhood Memories Can’t Be Washed Away

In the midst of all the tragedies around us. I wanted to see the light and still find happiness. I hope you all can join me. 
My best childhood memories were made in two alternate homes. My family became residents of Dorado, Puerto Rico in the 70’s. So we always had spent holidays and vacations there. Then in the month of August my childhood was spent in Bird Island, Minnesota. Every time I visited these two sacred locations we, my sister and I, made lifelong friendships and memories. I loved visiting both locations (extremely opposite) I know…. for different reasons. Minnesota had all the treasured simplicy I craved and Puerto Rico to learn the island life.
Recently I’ve felt like I was kicked in my gut. Hurricane Maria completely destroyed the beautiful island I grew up on. My parents brought me home there from 1 -5 years old. We lived on the beach where I ate and drank coconuts everyday. My little sister was brought home to our apartment there, and we were the tannest little “gringas” around. When it was time to go to school we moved back to New York. However every holiday, we were back on the beach. There we learned how to live the island life. A humble and simple life.  We enjoyed plenty of wonderful fun in the sun, as well as, met amazing people who watched us grow up, and now have seen me raise my babies. That’s an amazing feeling!
Bringing my kids to the places of my childhood memories and taking pictures mimicking ones I’ve looked at in my parents photo albums are gift and feelings I wish I could bottle!  
So my point of this blog was to try to remember that I was lucky enough to bring BOTH of my kids to Dorado, Puerto Rico before the hurricane, get those pictures and make those memories. Even though right now I’m severely saddened about the state of the island, I’m thankful they got to at least experience it, at its best. It’s so important to always remember that someone is having a harder time then you, struggling more than you, and not as fortunate as you. So I wanted to share with everyone those reminders and let’s all just remember that childhood memories stay alive with those you share them with. So as long as we continue to talk about the good times and look at the photos those sacred places and memories will not wash away. 
Until next time ….


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