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Average Joe

So I was that teenager who thought her s**t didn’t stink, and wanted to look her best everyday walking into school….I wanted to be that girl in all the rom com movies that turned heads.

That used to be so important to me, I had to wear the trendy clothes, makeup was a daily task and very important to my adolescent superficial self. Nowadays you’re not seeing my hair washed let alone perfectly blow dried like it had to be back in seventh grade! I can’t believe I used to voluntarily wake up at 5:30 am to do that! Now I involuntarily get woken up, and if I’m lucky I get to go back to sleep after a bottle & diaper change until 7:30 when my oldest son wakes up. Oh to be young again …. I would slap my former self and knock her out to make sure she slept! It’s so funny how everyone tells you your priorities change once you have kids. They say it’s important to have balance and not to loose yourself. I’m so happy I’ve evolved and lost that version of myself! Sure I used to love putting on makeup, and doing my hair but in these New Years of motherhood it’s becoming less and less a priority and more so a problem. The baby is constantly licking my hair and face, my oldest son is usually splashing me in the face with a sneak attack water balloon or some sort of bubbles, and the sweat dripping down my neck in The Florida heat while we play outside is an endless battle I decided to forfeit on.

You see, I don’t care to dress up or put makeup on for anyone anymore. I do it when I feel like it, and that’s usually when my husband and I have a double date night. When it’s just us, I know he doesn’t need me all dolled up. Because I know he sees the old me ….the girl who grew out of the superficial part but still has a love for liquid eyeliner and the latest trends…. he knows she comes out on special occasions and that is enough for him. Because sadly in about two months I’m going to have one less person to take care of for six hours out of my day 🙁 my oldest will be rushing out the door for preschool and his baby brother and I will spend the rest of the day at mommy and me and trying to find other ways of spending our time without him. It makes me cry just thinking about that huge time gap (good thing I’m not wearing any makeup 😉 so you see all good things come to an end, and change is good ! We’re always evolving if we want to grow and become better versions of ourselves. We just have to ride out the phases and enjoy every single one because before I know it…all I’ll have is time to do my makeup while I wait at home for both of my boys to come home. Sadly they won’t be splashing me anymore, they probably won’t want to give me those wet kisses either, so for now I’ll relish in being an “average joe” who hasn’t lost my baby weight, doesn’t wear makeup to play dates, and is always in workout clothes. Because in the end they grow up too damn fast and I’m overjoyed in just being their mama.

Long story short enjoy your kids, every hour of everyday, they want to spend with you .

Sincerely mama joey

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