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5 Gifts for Mom… I Mean Child

Your child’s Christmas list could be as long as their bedtime requests, but buying your child another toy is not always easy. Yes, we love to see our children’s face light up Christmas morning when they get a toy they have been asking for. But, if your child is anything like mine I know it’s something that will be forgotten about a few weeks later and all of sudden they are dying for something else.

Today I am going to tell you five gifts that are fun for your child and actually helpful for mom and dad. Not something that becomes annoying, requires more batteries, or you regret buying as soon as your child opens it, no matter how much that face of joy melts your heart. These can also be used as ideas for relatives that continually ask you what they should get your child for Christmas/birthdays. This list is mainly directed towards children 1-5 years old.

  1. A learning tower (Guidecraft $180) My daughter got a learning tower for Christmas right after her second birthday. She is now four and still uses it almost daily and now my fifteen-month-old son stands on it with her. Whether she wants to just observe what I am doing in the kitchen, help me in the kitchen, or wants to be close by while I cook this is the perfect gift. It helps children feel as if they are part of something such as the making of dinner and it helps mom not having a child tugging at their shirt asking to help. Yes, you need to keep an extra eye on them to see what they are touching, but we always have extra eyes on them, right?
  2. A radio flyer wagon (Radio Flyer build your own starting at $115) – I cannot tell you how many times this thing has been a life saver. Our go to always seems to be the stroller, but the wagon is an amazing way to switch things up and fun for the kids. We almost always use our wagon for Halloween and visits to places like to zoo or festivals as it helps kids to see all around them. Moms love it because it is easy to pull, ours even has cup holders and an attached bag. Kids love it because they can see more and fill it with all the junk they want to bring along.
  3. An inflatable pool (Amazon $12) – Yes, we live in Florida and can go to the real pool 90% of the year. But the pool doesn’t always need to be used for water. We filled up an inflatable pool with balls for a ball pit for my daughters first birthday party and my kids continually play in it at least once a month. It can also be used for sensory play, bury things in rice or sand or whatever it may be that you don’t want all over your floors. Have your kids sit in it and play with playdough. Moms love it because it helps keep your house clean. Kids love it because there are so many fun things that can be done in it.
  4. Dining seat pad (Amazon $20) – When my daughter was ready to join us at the table, but was not quite big enough to sit in our dining chairs, I began to search around. This was the perfect solution. They come in cute different patterns, can wipe down easily and are portable. Moms love it because you can start teaching your child how to sit at the table without being tied to a high chair. Kids love it because they can also use it to color or watch TV comfortably on the floor.                           
  5. Kids table (Ikea $50) – Does your child love to have tea parties? Or want to get up and walk around during lunch time? A kids table is a perfect play place for your child or a space you can let your child finish their dinner while you clean up the dining table. Moms love it because they are no longer drawing with markers on your dining room table. Kids love it because their stuffed animal friends can join them for a meal.

Happy Holidays Mommas! 


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