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Winter Games 2018: Passion Connected

My husband and I are a marriage of opposites. Can you relate? In high school he was on the swim team and football team, won bodybuilding competitions and was generally an athlete. In high school I was a student librarian, in the drama club, Bible club and writing club. It can take some work to find hobbies you both enjoy. Though we both have different interests, we agree that one of our favorite dates during our dating relationship was when we watched the Winter Games in Russia. It was a melding of the minds, because we combined our separate passions into a series of fun-filled dates.  I would bring the fun facts about the countries performing, and he would bring knowledge of obscure sports (like curling) to the couch.

The theme of this year’s games is “Passion Connected!” For my husband and I, this is a reminder of what makes our relationship great. One of the things we are always saying to one another is, “I’m always looking for things I can do with you.” Are you and your spouse opposites? Being opposites can be frustrating. For instance, it’s frustrating when one of you wants to watch the BBC’s War and Peace and the other wants to watch The Flash. We thought about it and realized that Arrow combines the superhero (Arrow) and classic literature (The Count of Monte Cristo) and it is now something we enjoy watching together. Being different can be a great way to learn new things and discover new interests. 

As if watching wasn’t fun enough, there is a lot we can learn about relationships from the games. 

Connecting the Dots

Sometimes the best dates come out of combining our differences. Consider that this year the Winter Games mascots are a white tiger and an asiatic black bear. These two creatures couldn’t be more different, right? The white tiger is prone to strabismus, reduced fertility and generally used to attract visitors to zoos. The asiatic bear doesn’t have vision problems, has an average of 2 cubs every three years and lives in environments with plenty of trees. Seems very different to me. Yet Soohorang and Bandabi are both are carnivores, both represent strength and are both emojis in South Korea. And don’t forget they are together for the Olympics!  It is possible to find similarities if one is looking for them.

Its about Teamwork

What makes the games great? Teamwork.  It has been said that there is no I in team. You know there are 6 nations competing this year for the first time. Ecuador, Eritrea, Kosovo, Malaysia, Nigeria, and Singapore are all new.  They didn’t get there by being selfish. Each had a different strength to offer the team. They thought of the team first, combined their talents and together, they made it! Like these teams, together you and your spouse can make a great date night happen. 

Planning for the Future 

The location for the 2020 Summer Games is already decided. It will be in Japan. School children in Japan will vote on the mascot this month, and announce the name of the mascot on February 28th.  What would happen if we left planning for the next games up to a few months before they were scheduled to start? Chances are the host cities would not be ready to host the crowds. In the same way, when you and your spouse find something you love to do, plan ahead a little and go for it. You can even make some time for the two of you to do that activity together without the children. Just express a thought and have a conversation about the future.

February is host to a remarkable month long spectacle of sport. Countries that have nothing in common come together for the love of sport. As married couples, we can learn a lot.  My husband and I both find the games as something that unites our wildly different personalities and interests. How about you?


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