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What’s it like to be married to a Body Builder? They ask me.

In the corner of our living room is a trophy case.  When I started dating in college, I knew I would end up with an athlete (I have a strong type).  I assumed Mr. Right would be a soccer player, or a hockey player, or some kind of sport I understood, but I moved to Florida and fell in love with a Body Builder.  We fell in love 5 years ago, married 3 years ago, and I’m still learning about my husband’s sport. By day, he is an admissions counselor and a personal trainer, by night he is a natural body builder. His sport is fascinating and foreign to me, and I’m often asked, “What’s it like to be married to a body builder?” So I’ll tell you. 

Protein Protein Protein, Meals, Meals, Meals

Anyone trying to build muscle will tell you that protein is very important.  What I didn’t know until I married my husband was that there is protein in plenty of things I never thought about before.  Oatmeal, quinoa, chickpeas, kale and peanut butter are all great sources of protein. They are also things I buy in bulk when I go grocery shopping.  

Which is the real surprise.  I had a brother. I know men eat a lot. But ladies, body builders are on another level. Hubs eats like 6 meals a day. More than once when I went grocery shopping the cashier asked if I was having a party, or getting ready for hurricane season. No ma’am I was just buying a weeks worth of groceries for 2 toddlers, one woman and 1 body builder. 


The discipline of body builders is actually the most amazing thing (to me) about this sport.  In other sports (soccer for example) the athlete prepares with his team for the game that is at the end of the week.  In body building, the sport IS 100% preparation.  Day in and day out 90 minutes in the gym of weight lifting, cardio, etc. When the “show” comes along, the work is done.  What is left is showing the results of the hard work the body builder puts in day after day.  This kind of discipline translates really well into other areas of the body builder’s life. 


This is a sport that has a reputation for juicing. Choosing to be a clean body builder is a tough decision because of industry standards.  But my husband has chosen the honest path. This is another reason I love him.  My husband does not smoke, drink, or take hormones. This means he has to work twice as hard to look as good as those who are dishonest.  However there is honor in being pure.  It not only is something I respect, but it sets a great example for our children. To quote Nancy Regan, “Each of us has put our principles and consciences on the line, whether in social settings or the workplace, to set forth solid standards and stick to them.” 

At the End of the Day 

The time demands on this sport can be crazy.  Spending 90 minutes a day in the gym – rain or shine – can seem demanding for the average person who attempts to work out a maximum of three times a week for thirty minutes each, but he loves it. And I love him. And one day, I hope to see him reach his goals with this sport. At the end of the day, being a body builder’s wife is just like being any other kind of wife.  We want our husbands to be happy, healthy and whole. Also, its pretty awesome when one is dedicating their son in church and the pastor says, “Man I need to get swoll.” 



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