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This Kids, is the Story of How I Met Your Father…

Sometimes I look at your daddy and I cannot believe just how long we have been together. Ten years seem to have passed in the blink of an eye, and as I see him carry around your little brother, I cannot believe this is the same guy who would stay up all night playing video games and down a 12 pack of soda in one night. Yes boys, you get your love of video games from your daddy. He used to spend HOURS on his computer battling who knows what in a world full of Warcraft. He had never watched a single Harry Potter movie and trips to Disney World were not  what he would pick for fun. Enter mommy.

I had transfered to the store your daddy worked at. I walked into the store and was clocking in and he saw me from across the store and I took his breath away (his words boys, not mine). He even claims that at that moment he knew I was the one he was going to marry. Pretty deep from just a look across a store, but that’s your daddy. A helpless romantic with a quick wit and even funnier mouth. So what does daddy do after he realizes he’s going to marry this woman? He proceeds to make me hit my head on a shelf by kicking my leg out from behind me. Charming, right? I believe my exact words were “What’s wrong with you?” Daddy says he’s sorry and doesn’t speak to me for about 6 months. He calls it his 6-month plan and stands behind his method.

Daddy would come into the store a lot on his days off, which I never thought was weird because our store was frequented by many 20-somethings every day. He’d always buy his sodas and candy from me, even if I had a line and others didn’t. Again, I never thought anything of it since your dad DIDN’T SPEAK TO ME for months; again, all part of his master plan. It took your mommy seeing him watching “Employee of the Month” on one of the TVs in the store for our first real conversation to occur. Something you should know, your daddy had been Employee of the Month two times in a row at this point. He’s always been a hard worker and a perfectionist to a fault. I made a joke that he was watching a movie about his own life and asked if it was good since I had never seen it. He looks right at me and says “It’s good, you should watch it.” End scene. I took it as no more than a friendly interaction with whom I thought was the cutest guy working with me. Little did I know this is all it would take your daddy to FINALLY ask me out on a date after almost 6 months of no interaction other than “Another soda, man you love to drink soda huh.”

A week later, I’m on my register, watching “Father of the Bride,” one of my absolute FAVORITE movies ever, on the big screens from across the store. One of my co-worker runs up to me and states, “You’ll never guess who likes you,” and instantly my heart is telling my brain “Tony.” I ask her who, hoping to hear that name and hear it I do. And, at that moment, my heart knew, this is the man I was going to marry. Yes it sounds weird, and not true, but my heart just knew. After our first date, I truly knew I had met the one for whom my soul was made. The one I could rely on for the rest of my life. The one whose hand I wanted to hold on to every night as I feel asleep. The one who has been my rock since the day he told me he loved me, (which was actually after 2 weeks of dating). 

Your daddy has put in his time and dedication into our relationship. I have never doubted his love and devotion for our relationship. I married him full of love, full of hope for our future and he hasn’t let me down. I loved him even more when he met you all for the first time. As amazing of a husband that he is, he’s an even more amazing father and for that I am more grateful than anything else he has given me. He’s grown and I have grown and we even grew three little humans together. I can’t wait for you all to realize how blessed you are to have the daddy that you have. I pray you all have his wit, his kindness, and his heart. Know you hit the jackpot when mommy decided to marry your daddy and bring you into the world. If I do it all wrong from here on out, the one thing I can say I know I did right, was pick daddy to be yours. Treasure him. And laugh at his jokes, even if you’ve heard it ten times before.

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