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Favorite Costco and Sam’s Club Finds

Over the past few years, my husband and I have started doing more and more of our grocery shopping at bulk stores like Costco and Sam’s Club. (We had a membership to Costco, then switched to Sam’s Club; both stores are nice, but one is closer to our house.) I like to stock up on certain items, and thought it might be fun to share a few of our favorites.

Fig Bars

My kids and I love these Nature’s Bakery fig bars. I often pack them for snacks on the go, and they come individually packaged with two per pack. They are similar to fig newton cookies, and come in flavors like raspberry and blueberry. A bonus is that they are nut and dairy free, which is great as an allergy friendly option.

Eat Smart Kale Salad

I love these bagged salad mixes. They come with the toppings and dressing in separate bags, and you simply toss it all together. My favorite is the Sweet Kale salad, which has brussels sprouts, dried cranberries, pepitas, and other healthy add-ins. They also come in Southwest and Asian flavors, that are delicious and healthy as well.

Rotisserie Chicken

We like to buy a rotisserie chicken, and either eat it as a simple dinner with sides, or use it for other meals, like chicken noodle soup, or chicken tacos.

Dave’s Killer Bread and Bagels

This bread has a great nutritional profile, with more protein and fiber than many other brands, and is also organic. The bagels have 11 grams of protein per serving, and come in delicious flavors like mixed berry.

Organic String Cheese

Both of my kids like mozzarella string cheese, and I like that this is an organic option.

Those are a few of our favorites! What are your go-to Costco or Sam’s Club picks?


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