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#BaptistHealthy: Healthy Snack Ideas

We are so excited to be partnering with Baptist Health South Florida to bring you some healthy snack options for your kids’ lunches or for that after school hungry time!
What’s the great thing about snacks?  They are easy to grab and eat.  I have found in my house that when my kiddos run through the door after school, swing open the refrigerator and scream “Mom, I’m hungry!” they will grab the healthy options if they are prepped and ready to go! 
Over the weekend, I like to take inventory of our snack supply and prep the items I have in the fridge.  This has helped me to stop wasting the fruits and veggies that I buy and makes it packing lunches so much easier.

Here are a few ways that I prep and store snacks to make healthy options more appealing to my kids:

Pineapple Corer:

I love this fun little tool!  It allows me to make those fun pineapple circles in minutes.  The boys also love to help twist and drink pineapple juice that’s leftover.

Fun Bowls & Containers:

I love to throw cut veggies in fun bowls, this also helps me when it comes to snacking! We also love using cookie cutters, cutting our food into fun shapes makes eating healthy more fun.

Yummy Dips:

Who doesn’t love something to dip your veggies into?  My kids love hummus and guacamole.  I love these snack-size containers because they are the perfect portions for them.  Pair them with the cut up veggies from above or some pretzels from the pantry and there is a filling snack that kids love.

Bottom Drawer:

I have dedicated the bottom drawer of our fridge to healthy snacks for lunches and after school.  This is where I leave Mandarin oranges, apples, cheese sticks and other easy things they can grab and eat.

Here is a list of healthy snacks that the writer’s of the Palm Beach Moms Blog team like to give their kids!

Looking for some great healthy breakfast and lunch options?  Make sure to check out these great articles from Baptist Health:

Who is Baptist Health?

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Palm Beach Moms Blog is so excited to partner with Baptist Health South Florida to bring your these great healthy snack tips!


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