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More Than Just Pushing a Stroller

While pregnant with my daughter, all I craved were smoothies and salads. I continued to do Pilates and my usually workouts throughout my pregnancy. I gained about 27 pounds my whole pregnancy and was proud to continue to be healthy. It didn’t take me to long to lose the weight after pregnancy and when I felt ready, I began working out again.

I decided to try running because it was something I could do with my daughter. I decided to use the Couch to 5K app.  Right as I began making head way in my new-found workout, I found out I was pregnant with my son. In my pregnancy with him, all I craved was bacon and cheeseburgers, not exactly the healthy food I ate with my daughter. Around 10 weeks, when I went for a run I automatically felt nauseas. I continued to try over the next few weeks and each time felt sick to my stomach when I tried to run. This pregnancy turned out to be completely different from the one with my daughter. Even to the point that every time I ate salad I was in the bathroom sick. I gained 42 pounds with my son, nothing unhealthy, but more than I have ever weighed.

After he was born I couldn’t wait to get my health back and lose that weight! When I was finally cleared by the doctor, I became anxious trying to find a workout I could do with two kids. I searched the internet and asked mom groups for recommendations for a workout I could do with kids in tow. Although convenient, I wasn’t comfortable putting my youngest in a gym daycare at 4 months old.

That’s when I came across my solution! A mom boot camp. A workout offered for moms by moms. This aligned perfectly for what I was looking for!

Reasons I love this type of workout:

  1. I could bring my kids with me. I didn’t have to worry if my baby was in a daycare room crying and I don’t feel rushed to get my workout done assuming my child is getting bored.  Or being that mom that has to rush out of spin class because there kid has pooped and the daycare staff is not going to take care of that mess
  2. I get to work out with other moms. We are all moms and feeling similar about our bodies after pregnancy weight. We encourage each other to work harder and can relate in our daily schedules.  If you’re new to a town or just new to motherhood, this is also great way to meet new moms!
  3. Something I get to do for me and include my kids. After having kids its easy to lose ourselves in their daily routine. This is an opportunity to do something that I enjoy and include my kids.  The kids love going and have made their own friends. It’s a win-win for both of us!
  4. I get to be a role model for my kids on staying healthy. Although they are young, they see the importance of taking care of yourself by staying in shape and staying active.

A lot of people hear baby boot camp and assume it’s just moms pushing around strollers chatting. Let me tell you this is not the case at all. We are constantly pushed to work harder; we do workouts with different TRX bands, on mats, run and even play games. All while the older children play together and babies are happy in their strollers. 

Have you looked into stroller workout groups in your area?


Photo Credit: Claudia Salzler of Baby Boot Camp Jupiter

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