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Tis the Season: The Top 5 BEST Christmas Books for Kids!

As a reading teacher and literacy coach, I’m a *bit* obsessive when it comes to books for my own children.  When a new holiday rolls around, I pull out a bin of seasonal books for my kids.  They so look forward to a new season (just kidding, we live in Florida!), but they truly look forward to fresh, NEW stories

So here are my top 5 choices for my FAVORITE children’s Christmas books – 

  1. The Spirit of Christmas by Nancy Tillman.  I should start by saying that Nancy is my FAVORITE children’s author and you need to buy all of her books immediately.  Now, in this whimsical tale of finding the spirit of Christmas, the reader discovers that decorations and caroling aren’t the only things that make the holiday season so special.  P.S. – I dare you not to cry at the ending.
  2. Gingerbread Baby and Gingerbread Friends by Jan Brett.  Chances are your children have already heard about the gingerbread boy in school.  These exciting tales take your favorite holiday character to the next level!  Plus, you can’t beat Jan’s illustrations.
  3. Countdown to Christmas by Mary Manz Simon.  I love reading this with my son each night leading up to the big day!  There’s a short story every day explaining one important aspect of Christmas plus a special prayer for your child to reflect on. 
  4. The 12 Trucks of Christmas by Chrissy Bozik.  Do you have a truck obsessed child?  Then look no further – this is the book for YOU!  Sing it, count it, read it; this book has all of the best trucks represented in the most musical way. 
  5. The Night BEFORE the Night Before Christmas by Natasha Wing. Somehow everything magically comes together on the night of Christmas Eve, right?  This humorous tale explaining all of the things that a mom goes through on the night before the night before will certainly warm your heart and give you a gentle reminder to sloooow down.  You got this mama.  

We’d love to know YOUR favorite Christmas books that you read with your children.  Leave us a comment below!


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