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Thanksgiving Traditions

One of the hardest things about marriage is taking two people from two different families and making it one. With this comes a lot of compromise and the holidays seem to be a time people see this compromise the most. What family traditions will you implement from which family, will you make your own, what traditions do you want your own children to carry on?

With the holidays upon us we begin to think about what they will look like this year. Maybe you have a new little one and you want to make it a bigger celebration than you have in the past, maybe you’re ready to change and add new traditions or get rid of old ones. Here are some simple family traditions I enjoy with my own family.

Thanksgiving: We go around the table and talk about what we are thankful for. Some years we will change it up and you can’t repeat something someone else says. So, if one person says they are thankful for their family and that’s what you wanted to say, you need to think of a different one. We are so thankful every day for all that we have been given, but it’s nice to sit together and remind each other of what we have and what we appreciate.

Thanksgiving is also a good time to include the kids in cooking. Have them help make the mashed potatoes or teach them how to stuff the turkey. It shouldn’t be a day that mom is in the kitchen all day it’s a family day, work together.

Another fun Thanksgiving tradition is the wishbone. After dinner, the children get to make a wish and break the wishbone.

If it were up to me I would do it after Halloween, but the day after Thanksgiving is also a time we get out our Christmas decorations. It’s something to look forward to after all the Thanksgiving eating is done and we get to continue to work as a family to put up our tree and lights. When our decorations come out is also the time our Elf on a Shelf comes to visit.

Traditions are a fun thing to have for a family. It brings something to look forward to every year. It’s something to bring your family together and for you and your husband to cherish from either your past or create together for your future. Enjoy Thanksgiving! Next up, Christmas!



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