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National Aunt and Uncle Day – July 26

Aunts and Uncles have always played an important role in my own life.  Can you relate? When I took my high school friends to New York City for a long weekend after graduation, it was my (then single) Uncle Andy who picked us up in the city when we realized the trains leaving the city don’t run all night. Oh the heels of a bad breakup in college, it was my Aunt Lane who gifted me with Alicia Keys tickets in Madison Square Garden. When I needed a summer job right after college graduation, my Aunt Tiff recommended a job as a summer art teacher. Then there was my courageous Uncle Sam who served all of us when he chose a career in the Marine Corps. And hopefully everyone has an Uncle Josh, someone they can call at 11p.m. (EST) to ask advice on spiritual matters. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about the relationships we choose to have lately, and the relationships we see our children forming. Possibly one of the most precious and under-celebrated relationships is the aunt-uncle-niece-nephew relationship. As fewer millennials are opting to become parents themselves, the role of caregiver in the form of aunt and uncle is increasingly vital and important.  So let’s celebrate them! 

Five ways to celebrate your child’s aunt or uncle 

  1. Have your child make them a macaroni heart card — this one is an oldie for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and at some pre-schools the annual Grandparent’s Tea. Why not add a pasta card to your childless sister’s fridge? 
  2. Take them for frozen yogurt — because everyone loves to feel healthy while adding Oreo crumbles to their vanilla yogurt. 
  3. Treat them to a movie — my sisters love taking my kids to the movies.  Do yours? Why not give them a gift card to Redbox or a movie?
  4.  Split a icee at Target — While they split a blue icee at at table in Target, why don’t you wander the aisles and catch a little “me” time? 😉 
  5. Go for a day at the beach — aunts and uncles alike love building sandcastles, and who better to teach your kids than your kid sister or brother in law? 

These are only a few ideas, but I’m sure your kids can think of more ways to make their aunties and uncles feel special on this special day. After all, they do more than just spoil your kids and then hand them back to you.  How can we not thank them for that? 


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