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FLVS Flex Elementary + Family Involvement = Student Success

As a parent myself, I am amazed at all the different choices we now have regarding our children and their education. Public, private, charter, virtual, homeschool—whatever option you choose, there is one fact no one can refute—parental involvement has a profound influence on children’s academic success.

Recently I was introduced to all of the amazing offerings for my children from Florida Virtual School.  I personally don’t home school but I have been telling my friends who do about this program!

With FLVS Flex Elementary, elementary-certified FLVS teachers provide students in Kindergarten-5th grade with age-appropriate instruction while working as a group. Your child meets with classmates and his or her teacher online twice a week for “Class Time” (live video lessons), which gives your child the opportunity to interact in real time. By meeting with his or her class weekly, your child will develop close teacher and classmate relationships in a virtual environment. With your support three days a week, your child works independently. On days without Class Time, parents have the flexibility to structure student learning activities around your family’s schedule. All sessions are recorded, which helps to accommodate children’s occasional excused absences.

Free to all Florida public, private and homeschool students, the elementary program follows a semester-based schedule with flexible enrollment options available during the school year (scheduling can be adjusted to accommodate each student’s needs and enrollment date).

FLVS Flex Elementary is an innovative option that can benefit your family as you:

  • create or complement homeschool curriculum
  • have access to comprehensive classes including: Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, Technology, and Specials
  • learn from dedicated, certified teachers who provide 1:1 support to you and your child
  • interact in real online “Class Time”
  • build close teacher and classmate relationships through group activities and work independently on enrichment activities with parental support.

There are certainly so many options available in today’s world regarding education. At FLVS Flex Elementary, your child is at the center of learning. It is the partnership between parents and FLVS teachers that fosters a dynamic educational connection ensuring student success.

To learn more about FLVS Flex Elementary, visit or call 800-374-1430.



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