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The Birthday Party Curse

I am one of those moms that actually loves to plan birthday parties. I love a good theme, I love planning out all of the details, I love being Pinteresty. I love watching the smiles on my kids’ faces when they see all of those details come together. What I don’t love, is the unpredictable and unavoidable “wrench” that seems to get thrown into every birthday party I have ever planned. We have a joke that we are cursed! Every year, I have had to reschedule parties due to illnesses or relocate parties due to weather  – – nothing like having to move a party with 20 toddlers into your house (cringe!). However, looking back on these parties, each one has taught me a life lesson. 

Keep Expectations in Check

Whenever I’m planning these parties, I always have these grand visions of what exactly it will look like. But, with those high expectations inevitably came disappointment. When my daughter’s first “Winter ONEderland” birthday got moved from the gorgeous park pavilion and playground to our house due to severe storms and a cold front, I was so disappointed. I truly felt like she wasn’t getting the party she deserved.  She wasn’t going to get to play on the playground with all of her friends. She wasn’t going to have a beautifully decorated pavilion. We weren’t going to be able to blow snow bubbles. I focused so much on what we weren’t going to be able to do. But, none of that mattered. I used those decorations in my home and it was gorgeous. We played games inside. We all had a great celebration. When I look at pictures now, all I see are her and her friends smiling the whole time.

Be Flexible

Kids get sick. A lot. It’s inevitable. Unfortunately, it seems like my son always gets sick around his birthday. Planning his second birthday truly taught me not to stress about things I can’t control. A few days before his second birthday party, both of my kids were diagnosed with RSV (a super nasty respiratory virus). They were so congested and miserable, both on breathing treatments every four hours, and the last thing I wanted was to share the “love.” Cue the phone calls – I was able to move the party to the following weekend at the same kids’ gym (not the exact day/time I wanted, but that’s okay!), I rescheduled my cake pick up, and I let all of our friends and family know the change in plans. Thankfully, everyone was still able to make it and the party ended up being a huge success!

So, when the bakery spells your kid’s name wrong on the cake, or the pizza place loses power, or a tropical depression decides to rain on your backyard water play party (yes, all of these things have happened to my parties!), take a deep breath, and set forth a game plan. You got this, Mama! The kids are watching how you deal with these issues, and it’s a great time to model some positive reactions. Don’t get angry at things you can’t control. As frustrating as all of these inconveniences can be, in the end, you can still have an awesome party for your little one and enjoy celebrating the amazing person that they are – and that’s what matters most! 

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