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Local moms are bringing their families to the first annual PalmMom Convention this Saturday for a day of learning, fun and community connection. Hosted by Play with Purpose, an early childhood behavior consulting business, the PalmMom Convention will connect local mom entrepreneurs with local families to create a network that supports healthy, happy families and facilitates a thriving small business environment in Palm Beach County.

“I wanted to organize an event that brought supportive, family-centered, and family operated businesses under one roof. Moms are so busy and can be easily overwhelmed with activities, information, and everyday life” explained Caley Kukla, organizer of PalmMom and owner of Play With Purpose, LLC. “Through my business, Play With Purpose, I work with moms striving to give the best to their children and constantly connect families with high quality, compassionate services, which ultimately lead to the idea of PalmMom.”

The PalmMom Convention will host family fun activities, and showcase local experts, entrepreneurs, and passionate educators to collaborate with parents throughout their journey. Featured non-profits include: Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies, Resource Depot, and Unicorn Children’s Foundation.

Family activities begin at 9:00 A.M. and include: infant music class, mommy-and-me workout class, kids’ yoga, dance class, arts and crafts, games, bounce house, story-time, scavenger hunts, raffle prizes and so much more.

While children and their families enjoy the wide array of showcased activities, moms can attend on-going educational workshops led by local experts. One local expert, Dr. Dudley Brown of The Brown Institute for Health and Wellness hopes to share his message of healthy moms yield healthy babies. “Pregnancy is not an illness or disability. In the absence of medical contraindications, we recommend that pregnant women should remain physically active and fit. The benefits to their babies and themselves are numerous.”

Experts ranging from pregnancy health through child development, including a workshop on Autism warning signs, will present to raise community awareness about maternal health and child development.

As Sarah Amini, a PalmMom ticket holder, mother of two, and a Montessori teacher put it, “I am excited to attend an event that encompasses all the areas I need support in during this season of my life. I am most excited about the workshops, I know they will be encouraging and give me more tools to be a better mom.”

In its inaugural year, PalmMom Convention will take place this Saturday, October 21 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Doubletree by Hilton in Palm Beach Gardens.

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