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I Feel Pretty!

Members of Palm Beach Moms Blog and followers recently enjoyed a special private screening of the new Amy Schumer movie, “I Feel Pretty.” 

It was another classic fun l feel good movie from this comedic talent. Amy has such a way of getting you to fall in love with her in any role she plays. She has alike-ability that speaks to all different “types”of women. 
In this movie the plot is about a free spirit with a dream of working in the cosmetic world however she suffers tremendously from low self-esteem. In order to build herself up she starts participating in motivational spin classes at “Soul Cycle.” While she’s in one class she gets so wrapped up in the inspirational quotes the instructor is spewing that she looses her footing, and ends up with her booty on the ground, and her high pony entangled in the bikes wheel! Can you say ouch!!
When she finally comes to in the locker room she goes to look in the mirror to clean her self off and see her damages when she is shocked. Baffled by who she sees staring back at her she has to ask the Soul Cycle employee, who was tending to her injuries, if that was her… and fishing for obvious complements about how perfect her abs and ass were as well as her youthful and stunning face! Mind you the employee just sees the “old Renee” the average girl with the average body. So there’s some obvious confusion, however Renee believes that this is not a coincidence. In fact, she had been watching the movie “Big” a few nights before and felt compelled to run outside in the rain and attempt to recreate the infamous lightning and make a wish scene . She had wished to be beautiful. 
Even though the viewers have already taken a fondness to Amy’s beauty (inside especially)… she isn’t happy with what she sees on the outside and believes that if she was attractive to others like she looked up to in the cosmetology world she could get a job at their main offices . 
She had been working in their shipping department and had always been too intimidated to go apply for a position on the main floor. 
The movie then goes on to send a message out that true beauty comes from within and if you’re not happy with who that person is inside, the new found confidence from the outside wears off who is left inside the shell.
Make sure to take the time for yourself and go check out this movie!  It’s funny and will have you laughing throughout but it sends an important message that we all need to hear.  


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