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United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V Successfully Launches Mars 2020 Mission!

It was another exciting day for Space Exploration! on July 30, 2020 at 7:50 a.m., United Launch Alliance (ULA) and NASA teams from all over the United States collaborated to ensure the Mars Rover, Perseverance, successfully left Earth.  ULA and its legacy rockets have launched every U.S. led mission to Mars, beginning in the 1960s. […]

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Take the Girls Trip

I always thought “Girls Trips,” after you have had three kids, were like unicorns and a gold pot at the end of a rainbow.  You’ve heard of them, they look and sound beautiful but you have never seen one in person, don’t think you ever will but the thought of them makes you smile. Well, […]

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Get in the Car and Take the Trip!

Hands up if you’re a Disney person! Keep that hand raised if you would call your family a “Disney Family.” You… You with your hands up. You are my tribe! Now, give me a shout if you’re a Star Wars person (You won’t hear me shouting). Admittedly, I know very little about Star Wars. My […]

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Snorkeling With Manatees

Family adventure for all ages is what I gear our trips towards. My goal was to find a great spot that would keep everyone happy all while making memories with a baby, two kids, and an outdoorsy husband. The adventure started by checking into our adorable two-story Villa right on the golf course fairway. The […]

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