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I’m Tired of Fighting Battles

I am somewhat of a fighter by nature.   I don’t mean physical fighting-  Thankfully I’ve never had to throw a real punch.  I’m talking about emotional and mental battles.  My parents modeled strength during adversity, and I learned from their example.   They taught me to fight for what is right, and for what I […]

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#BaptistHealthy: Healthy Snack Ideas

We are so excited to be partnering with Baptist Health South Florida to bring you some healthy snack options for your kids’ lunches or for that after school hungry time!   What’s the great thing about snacks?  They are easy to grab and eat.  I have found in my house that when my kiddos run […]

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520 hours

520 Hours Outdoors

As the number of school shootings increases, school districts are paying more attention to the social/emotional well-being of the students. They are also focusing on creating a classroom community or family. One way that classrooms are building stronger communities is through the implementation of Responsive Classroom Morning Meetings. Morning Meeting engages students and provides them […]

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The Grandparent Dichotomy

With Grandparents Day this past weekend, it had me thinking about how grandparents are such special figures in any child’s life.  We are so lucky to have my mom living less than five minutes away and she is very involved in my children’s lives. She comes by at least once a week to visit and […]

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The Birthday Party Curse

I am one of those moms that actually loves to plan birthday parties. I love a good theme, I love planning out all of the details, I love being Pinteresty. I love watching the smiles on my kids’ faces when they see all of those details come together. What I don’t love, is the unpredictable […]

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A mile in my slippers

I am a stay at home mom pregnant with my third child. This is my forth pregnancy.  Do those 2 sentences tell you a lot about where I am emotionally?  I had been mentally restless beginning in week 14 of this pregnancy, so I told my husband that since we had reliable childcare, I was […]

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Infant Anorexia (A Diagnosis that’s Every Bit as Scary as it Sounds)

Infant Anorexia. Those two words should never be combined together.  It sounds scary,  doesn’t it?  It is!  Imagine how shocked my husband and I were when our daughter’s doctor said those words when referring to our precious 6 month old.  The phrase Infant Anorexia usually causes people to stop and stare with their mouths wide […]

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