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Summer Learning

“Well at least you know what you’re doing!” I’ve read more than once on group texts with mommy-friends all collectively lamenting the perils of homeschool.  I don’t write a word in reply—knowing in many ways I am a charlatan—equally overwhelmed and frustrated by my children’s online lessons.  When we were all abruptly, and without warning, […]

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Infant Anorexia (A Diagnosis that’s Every Bit as Scary as it Sounds)

Infant Anorexia. Those two words should never be combined together.  It sounds scary,  doesn’t it?  It is!  Imagine how shocked my husband and I were when our daughter’s doctor said those words when referring to our precious 6 month old.  The phrase Infant Anorexia usually causes people to stop and stare with their mouths wide […]

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Remembering a childhood spent outdoors

It all hit me like a gust of wind while I ran down the gravel driveway. With the smell of honeysuckles in the air and my “Dorothy braids” blowing higher and higher as I ran towards our house with the grey steps. Everything from this chapter in my childhood is embedded in a certain noise […]

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Parents Only Customer Service

Sometimes the simplest of tasks for one person, can become the most difficult thing on the planet for a parent.  For me, one of the things on my to-do list that I try to avoid like the plague, is having to call customer service when there is an issue with something.  I procrastinate like crazy, […]

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