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3 Ways We Can Inspire Our Kids

Inspiration is the feeling we get when we believe that anything is possible. It’s the delicate butterflies that float in our stomach when we know we have to do the big, scary thing that will make our hearts sing. When we feel inspired, we feel positive emotion which leads to positive action. It’s a cycle […]

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The Gratitude Jar

My family and I recently started a new tradition: the gratitude jar. Every day, we write down something that we are thankful for on a small piece of paper and put it in the jar. Positive Attitudes Before starting this habit, I had been thinking a lot about happiness. Specifically, positive thinking. When we think […]

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Parenting Balance Beam – What if Your Kid Wants to Quit Sports?

Sports and after school activities are paramount in teaching our children countless lessons.  Not only do they keep our kids physically fit, but they also highlight important life skills such as teamwork, patience, goal setting, and overcoming challenges.  But what happens when a child starts out loving a sport, then all of a sudden stops […]

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Talk Potty to Me: Potty Training Pep Talk

This is not another post about the do’s and dont’s of potty training.  Rest assured, this is a friendly reminder your kid WILL NOT be going to elementary school in diapers. My post today stems from not only my recent potty training experience with my little one, but also a compilation of comments, concerns, tips, […]

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Causes of Guilt

Mom guilt– it never seems to end.  There are the normal parent guilts that get us; such as not spending enough time with our children, the screen time debate, healthy foods vs. foods our kids will actually eat, yelling too much, comparing ourselves to other parents, etc.   Here’s a mom guilt, or really an […]

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Summer Fun

Palm Beach summers are hot! I definitely encourage my kids to be outside rather than inside, but the afternoons are brutal. There is nothing like a cold drink to keep us all cool. When I was a kid we would set up a lemonade stand and make money we can spend on the ice cream […]

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