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When Should I Get My Child a Cell Phone?

Disclaimer: There is no right or wrong age or way to give a child a phone. It is a personal decision for every family and there is no judgment one way or another. I’m seriously winging all of this unchartered territory! J Here is one way our family navigated this big decision for our tween/teen […]

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maternity nurses

Remember Nurses on International Nurses Day!

Every year on the anniversary of nurses the world over, men and women take a moment to celebrate nurses.  Wherever you are, give a cheer for nurses, because without them, we might not even be here!    Warriors the World Over  There have been many types of healthcare workers for as long as there have […]

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Imagination Library

An uplifting theme during the current situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic is that everyone wants to help. One thing I know about living in Palm Beach County, is that our neighbors and friends come together in a time of crisis. This is always apparent during the prep time before an impending hurricane, when you […]

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2020-03-31 11.52.29

I’m All Technology’d Out

We are living in the technology age.  It’s 2020 and our lives are ruled by devices.  It’s a great advantage in our world for sure.  My own family’s got the usual in our home: TVs, phones, iPads, laptops,  handheld video games, remote control toys, you name it.  To be honest, the amount of technology going […]

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shifting perspective

Shifting Perspective

I talk to myself a lot.    It sounds crazy, but we all talk to ourselves and have around 60,000 thoughts a day!    80% of our thoughts default to the negative because the primitive part of our brain is trying to protect us from pain.    Our brain sniffs out trouble like a sniffer […]

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