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No Secrets Here!

Conventional wisdom says that you should keep your pregnancies a secret until you’re in your second trimester. As I write this, I’m nine weeks pregnant, and everyone I know already knows my news. In fact, this is my fourth pregnancy, and I have never managed to follow the rule of keeping the news to myself […]

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My Rainbow Amongst the Clouds

My soon to be 5 year old boy loves all things bright and shiny. He has always gravitated towards the “girl section” when it came to the toy aisle. Sure, he went through the Mickey Mouse and Cars phase as well as the Tsum Tsum, Shopkins and the dreaded FROZEN phase (so thankful that one […]

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3 Things to do When You’ve Blown It, Mom

I blew it. BIG TIME. I’ve talked constantly online and in real life about how great I feel since I cut out sugar. Overcoming this sugar addiction has helped me countless ways beyond weight loss, and I gladly tell anyone who wants to listen. But last week, I blew it. I made my first mistake […]

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book club

DIY Guide: Your Very Own Mom Tribe

Last spring, after months of debating if I had enough friends to make the venture successful, I posted a message to Facebook asking if any of my local friends were interested in forming a book club. To say I was nervous is an understatement. My unpleasant memories of being the uncool, nerdy girl in school […]

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Prehistoric Nutrition

   Somewhere a long the timeline of evolution when, what, and how much we eat drastically changed. Our prehistoric caveman ancestors hundred’s of thousand years ago treated nutrition a lot different and it is my belief that we need to revisit just how they did and perhaps mimic? Diets and Meal Plans The traditional American […]

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One Last Thing Before You Go

My husband and I took the trip of a lifetime last November when we traveled to Italy without any children. We sipped wine on a porch overlooking the Tuscan hillside. We learned to make homemade ravioli, and we strolled through piazzas in the evenings. A Saturday drive down the Amalfi Coast revealed some of the […]

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Germs? Ain’t No Momma Got Time for That!

Hi, my name is Renata and I am a germaphobe on the slow road to recovery; I blame it on college microbiology (Ugh!). Have you taken that class? All the yucks in the world could not describe the way I felt once that semester was over. The concept of germophobia is completely foreign to my […]

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Does My Child Need Speech Therapy?

As moms we often compare our children to other children.  One area that we often do this is with speech development.  You might be asking yourself, would speech therapy be beneficial for my child? Robin Best, M.A., C.C.C., P.A. a local speech language pathologist in our area breaks it down for us!   Below are 10 indications […]

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