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Sunshine After the Rain

By: Ashley Dillman Bruce, a divorce and family law attorney at Bruce Law Firm, with offices in  West Palm Beach and Wellington You know that feeling after it’s been raining all week with days of endless gray clouds, and then suddenly the clouds dissipate and the sun comes out? Isn’t it a great feeling? You feel freer, lighter, and ready […]

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Co-Parenting in a Pandemic

Co-parenting proves difficult in “normal” times. Throw in a global pandemic and parents suddenly find themselves grasping for control. Many parents are wondering how they can effectively keep their children safe while still following their court-ordered time sharing schedules. When you were given a copy of your final judgment establishing your time sharing schedule, you […]

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Intentional Family Living

This social distancing process has been extremely helpful for our communities, but via Telehealth I have heard countless complaints on what it is doing to our local marriages.   I have been asked so many times for suggestions on how to deal with being home together with everyone all day long. As a couples therapist, […]

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Tips for a Stronger Marriage in 2020

Here are my tips for a stronger marriage in 2020: 1. Do not criticize. So many people do  to try and get a different result. Like when my husband isn’t being romantic enough. I criticize him telling him his massages are awful. My point is to try and get closer to him (get better massages), […]

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Love Comes First

The holiday season is upon us, and that usually includes a lot of time spent with family and friends, and a lot of focus on activities, traditions, and relationships. There is often more to do than at other times during the year, like holiday parties, work, school, and social events, and the preparation involved for […]

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The Grandparent Dichotomy

With Grandparents Day this past weekend, it had me thinking about how grandparents are such special figures in any child’s life.  We are so lucky to have my mom living less than five minutes away and she is very involved in my children’s lives. She comes by at least once a week to visit and […]

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A mile in my slippers

I am a stay at home mom pregnant with my third child. This is my forth pregnancy.  Do those 2 sentences tell you a lot about where I am emotionally?  I had been mentally restless beginning in week 14 of this pregnancy, so I told my husband that since we had reliable childcare, I was […]

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March Date Night Ideas!

It’s Marriage Monday at PBMB. We are focusing on our marriages and putting in the work that we deserve. It is quite common for couples to come in my office and tell me they have grown apart over the years, while kids, extracurriculars, and work have kept them busy. Making your relationship a priority is […]

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