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Infant Anorexia (A Diagnosis that’s Every Bit as Scary as it Sounds)

Infant Anorexia. Those two words should never be combined together.  It sounds scary,  doesn’t it?  It is!  Imagine how shocked my husband and I were when our daughter’s doctor said those words when referring to our precious 6 month old.  The phrase Infant Anorexia usually causes people to stop and stare with their mouths wide […]

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Steak Salad

I used to make this salad years ago. I’m back on an arugula kick and love it! It has a spice to it that I love and can stand up to grilled steak or chicken on top. If steak is involved, my boys come running. School is out for the summer in Palm Beach County […]

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The BEST Tomato Salad

We are lucky in Florida because our produce always seems fresh and in season, but tomato season is actually May-October. Our weather is warming up quickly so the less things we actually have to cook, the better… I make this tomato salad all year long. It is refreshing, simple, healthy and delicious. It’s one of those […]

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Spring Pasta

Spring Pasta

Yes, It’s Spring! What does that mean for us Floridians? It’s getting hotter. When the weather gets hotter, the food has to get a little lighter. I will eat my pasta all year round, but I love adding lots of veggies as our weather changes. This Spring pasta dish is so good. One of my […]

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Egg Salad

I love Easter morning. It’s usually a beautiful day and the kids have a blast finding all the eggs. But, Easter morning arrives and then we have 24 hard boiled eggs that we don’t know what to with it. I personally love hard boiled eggs with just salt and pepper, but you can also whip […]

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Meatballs. Need I say more? My mom’s recipe for meatballs is perfect. The original recipe uses meatloaf mixture(beef and pork), but can be substituted with turkey for a leaner meatball. I make a big batch and use them for Sunday dinner in a marinara sauce, for meatball heroes, and Italian Wedding Soup. This 3 in […]

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Do As I Say, Not As I Do?

We all know that children model their parents’ actions.  Kids follow their guardians’ lead and example by closely watching, then emulating what they’ve seen.  My girls will bust out with exact phrases I use (that most young children would never say).  They make facial expressions, or hand gestures that I know they’ve learned from me.  […]

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Slow Cooker Lentil and Sausage Soup

“Witch’s Stew”

Fall is here and the anticipation of Halloween has begun. I have a confession… I really don’t like Halloween. It’s just not my favorite holiday. I think the ridiculous amounts of candy is crazy. I’m one of those moms that limits the candy intake and then throws the rest out. (Well, maybe not the chocolate!)  […]

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