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For you to know: Palm Beach County Victim Services and Certified Rape Crisis Center

As a parent of a teenager, are you feeling overwhelmed with parenting these days? Without in-person schooling and structured activities, there is little else for teens to do but scroll through social media and learn the latest viral dance. We’ve all become desperate for our teens to engage in positive social interactions with their peers. […]

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Keeping Hope Alive

Hope is a very precious thing, and one that we all need in our lives, always.  Hope is an optimistic attitude and desire for a certain thing to happen. It’s a rare commodity right now, especially with the hot mess of a year that 2020 has become.  But that’s when keeping hope alive is even […]

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I will never forget the moment I heard health officials instruct the public to practice Social distancing. We were instructed to stay home, avoid crowds and distance ourselves from people outside our nuclear family. Then, one by one everything began to shut down. In a world where the distance between humans grows wider and wider […]

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Navigating Loss

Words completely failed me and they still do. My mind seems to be doing fine then a reminder of Rebecca’s favorite food or memory will come and I’m back to square one of debilitating, utterly miserable grief. So many questions of “what if” or “why God,” numb from the pain, the anger that she didn’t […]

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Three-Week 5k Training Plan

The 5k (3.1 mile) race is a great distance for beginning, intermediate, or experienced runners. Whether it is your first race or you’re trying to set a new personal record, you can train for a 5k in a relatively short period of time of a few weeks, and if you’re used to running races, strive […]

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