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Infant Anorexia (A Diagnosis that’s Every Bit as Scary as it Sounds)

Infant Anorexia. Those two words should never be combined together.  It sounds scary,  doesn’t it?  It is!  Imagine how shocked my husband and I were when our daughter’s doctor said those words when referring to our precious 6 month old.  The phrase Infant Anorexia usually causes people to stop and stare with their mouths wide […]

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Parenting Balance Beam – What if Your Kid Wants to Quit Sports?

Sports and after school activities are paramount in teaching our children countless lessons.  Not only do they keep our kids physically fit, but they also highlight important life skills such as teamwork, patience, goal setting, and overcoming challenges.  But what happens when a child starts out loving a sport, then all of a sudden stops […]

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