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Money Saving Tips for a Disney Trip

Disney World is said to be the most magical place on earth. While I whole-heartling agree, this can also cost an arm and a leg! The ticket itself has gone up in price and staying on site has pros and now some cons. It’s really smart to try to plan as much before hand as […]

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Easter Traditions

Back in November and December I created posts on Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions my family liked to do for the holidays. Now that Easter is approaching, I am going to tell you about my families Easter traditions. Every holiday looks different family to family.  I share my traditions to give moms ideas for what they […]

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Multi-Generational Living

Choosing to be multi-generational  Here is a picture of my husband, my daughter and myself in February of 2017.  Now here is a picture of my husband and our 2 kids, my sister and my parents last month (Feb 2018) when the EAGLES won the Superbowl.  Many millennials and baby boomers in the United States […]

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Sundays are for Staying Strong

Sunday. The day of the week when you can finally unwind, relax with your family and friends and dread that the next day is Monday. Sunday in many homes also means a day to put some time aside to focus on faith. After a long week of work both in and outside the home sometimes […]

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Take the Trip!

When my husband’s brother moved to Italy for three years, I knew we would try to visit. Who could resist and opportunity to visit the most beautiful countries in the world? When the time came to commit to the vacation of a lifetime, though, my anxiety over leaving my children nearly derailed our entire trip. […]

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second child

Second Child Syndrome

We have all heard the jokes, heard the “just you wait” and we all say, “oh it will never happen to me …. not my kid.” That’s exactly how I felt about the dreaded jealousy between my two boys. How could my oldest son be jealous of his baby brother he so desperately wanted?!   […]

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Mom and Daughters

FLVS Flex Elementary + Family Involvement = Student Success

As a parent myself, I am amazed at all the different choices we now have regarding our children and their education. Public, private, charter, virtual, homeschool—whatever option you choose, there is one fact no one can refute—parental involvement has a profound influence on children’s academic success. Recently I was introduced to all of the amazing […]

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