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DIY: Beaded Mask Holder

If life gives you lemons then make lemonade. Despite your feelings about our children wearing masks, they are required and with school around the corner. I’m trying to embrace these times and make wearing a mask fun for our little ones. Let’s show our children by remaining positive, that even the school year or grocery […]

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Teaching our daughters about beauty

The best compliment I have received lately is that I look like I’m 27. The reality is I’m 31. Now I’m one who believes that age is just a number, but it is always nice to hear nice things about one’s appearance, especially when one is a tired mom of 2 under 2. What is […]

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You are wearing that again?

You are wearing that again? My three-year-old asks as I walk out of the room showered and dressed, feeling accomplished being able to complete a task for me that day.  I am six months postpartum and besides work-out clothes, I have about four outfits I rotate through. I am in a new season of my […]

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