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Top Reasons for Sending Your Child to Sleepaway Camp

Have you thought about sending your child to summer camp this summer?  Have you thought about a sleepaway camp? Summer is typically a time for the television to be off and outside time to last from sun up to sun down!  Who remembers your parents telling you to just be home before the street lights came on?  However, in Florida this can be a challenge with the hot temperatures that last all day and night! 

Recently, Palm Beach Moms Blog interviewed two South Florida mothers, Jamie Horwitz and Arleen Goldenberg that send their kids to sleep away camp.  Below are some great reasons why you should consider this option for your children this summer! 

Camp is a special place that helps your children discover themselves

Arleen Goldenberg explains that “Camp has fostered an amazing sense of self, a spirit of adventure and created friendships that my son truly values.”

Creates lifetime friendships with children from all over the United States

Children from all over the country attend sleepaway camp.  Camp allows for your child to make friends with children that have been raised elsewhere.  Now with the use of social media, children can easily stay connected with their camp friends even when they are back home

Jamie Horwitz’s family has made camp a full family experience.  Her children’s cousins that live in New York also attend camp so they get to spend the summer with their cousins!

Allows them to try so many different types of activities

At camp, children get a flavor of everything!  They try an incredible amount of new things. Your child is exposed to a variety of activities which gives them the opportunity to discover what that are passionate about!  

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Allows your child to disconnect

Our children are constantly connected to electronics, social media, etc.  Camp allows for them to disconnect.  Jamie Horwitzs explains that her daughter writes handwritten letters home. In the world of text messaging and Facetiming, writing letters is an art that is lost.

If you decide to look into this option for your children, make sure to check out Iroquois Springs!

Why Choose Iroquois Springs?

Iroquois Springs is the summer home to 225 boys and 225 girls, ranging from ages 7-16, and 250 staff members. The camp family is at the heart of the Iroquois Springs experience, and the reason campers and staff return to their “summer home” year after year.   

Founded in 1931, Iroquois Springs is located in the Southern Catskill Mountains, less than 90 minutes from New York City. The property of almost 200 acres has a private spring-fed lake and scenic wooded trails surrounding our beautifully maintained facilities. The outstanding facilities have improved and changed through the years, but the camp’s commitment to providing the camp family with a safe, nurturing, supportive and incredibly fun camp experience has remained the same. Iroquois Spring’s program is designed to help campers build confidence, take on healthy challenges, learn new skills and develop lifelong friendships. 

One thing that makes Iroquois Springs great for Florida families is their unique and flexible program of 3 or 6 week sessions to campers of all ages.  Since Florida students typically go back to school earlier than students in other states around the county, the 6 week program is a great match. 

Iroquois Springs also provides chaperoned flights, which is great for us here in Florida!  Are your kids ready to pack their bags?

Palm Beach Moms Blog is proud to partner with Iroquois Springs to bring you this great information about summer camps!


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